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Best list of top 10 digital marketing institutes in delhi

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Extensive Ideas Academy Brings for you one of the robust and technically sound Digital Marketing Training. Here we will study best list of top 10 digital marketing institutes in delhi while talking on how we deliver the training in a one to one and one to many bases as per the requirement. Classes for Delhi are all entirely Online. The trainer, mentor and industry expert will guide and train you in the best possible way using all practical methodologies and case studies with the live infrastructure. We provide from the very first-day student server for live practice. You will get the chance to build your first website during the course and optimize it with the mentor to get prepared for the grind of the industry.

Mr. Omkar Nath Nandi an IIM, Calcutta Alumni will be your trainer.

Mr.Omkar Nath Nandi at IIM, Calcutta

Mr. Omkar Nath Nandi Delivered Training at IIT, Kharagpur on Digital Marketing

Mr. Omkar Nath Nandi at IIT, Kharagpur

Mr. Omkar Nath Nandi Delivered Training at Army Institute of Management, Kolkata on Digital Marketing

Mr. Omkar Nath Nandi at Army Institute of Management, Kolkata

Mr. Omkar Nath Nandi Worked with Montpellier University to train their Graduate Students in Digital Marketing.

He has a working knowledge of more than One Decade. Proud to work with many leading brands and companies worked with more than 500+ businesses in last one decade. It delivered training trained to more than 300+ students in last seven years. With a perfect experience and constant learning, he will bring the touch needed for your career with Extensive Ideas Academy.

Our Website’s

  1. What is digital marketingIt has ranked in 1000+ Keywords receiving more than 2Million impression and 100k visitors a year.
  2. Extensive Ideas – A high Domain Authority site and blog delivering high-quality content and service to hundreds of businesses and trainees.
  3. Extensive Ideas Academy – Trained more than 300+ students across the world who are now well settled in the digital marketing industry.
  4. MONTPELLIER UniversityWorked with Montpellier University to train their Graduate Students in Digital Marketing.
  5. Million Times Viewed Writer in Quora: Achieved the Million Views Milestone in One Year currently at 1.59 Million.
  6. Sunanda’s Kitchen: From building interacting content to driving traffic we have generated more than 7,00,000 Minutes+ of views for the channel which is growing massively every day.


The Extensive Ideas is one of the most trusted and highly respected digital marketing companies in India. We provide a wide range of marketing solutions about the digital medium. Our specializations are at a glance.

  • Digital marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Digital marketing training
  • PPC Ads Management
  • Online reputation management and more

Extensive Ideas boasts of a great team devoted to learn and deliver whenever needed in the sphere of SEO, SMO, PPC and other areas of Digital Marketing. Lead by Mr. Omkar Nath Nandi, IIM,Calcutta, Alumni, Trained IITian’s at IIT, KGP, worked with Montpellier University to train its students. The institute equipped with highly efficient digital marketing experts who specialize in different online mediums. We are in this field for a couple of years and have served more than 250 clients in different niches.

The main USP of our company is quality work at a competitive price. We always look for the newbie in digital marketing. Therefore you have an extensive program to recruit fresher for various online marketing campaigns. We provide comprehensive digital marketing services to our clients almost all parts of the world. We focus on training, development, and services, keeping in mind to providing the comprehensive and qualitative services to our clients.

Some of our first-line digital marketing training and services are:

  • SEO Services
  • Pay Per Click Services
  • Social Media
  • Web Analytics
  • Web Development
  • Content Management
  • Blog Management
  • Virtual Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Keyword Analysis and targeting

For anyone who is new to search engine optimization or social media marketing or pay per click marketing, then they will learn to go ahead and give their business a boost with different digital marketing strategies.

Here, we will tell you how a website can reach higher ranking in all major search engines through the White Hat strategies, and at the same time leverage the revenue inflow to the site. Here we will discuss in detail SEO techniques, every leading site use to get a fantastic result. Keep reading.

One question indeed comes up in your mind – what are the processes by which you can reach the 1st page rank in search engines, like Google or Yahoo using organic search methods? Let us discover the answers to other things that help you know how we work and which digital marketing training, as well as service, would be beneficial for your business.

Analyze and target only High-quality Keywords

The first thing first, because our team focuses on analyzing the best keywords possible, which will help your website gets better and higher rank. Our group investigates the keywords that are already in use on the website or blog, and try to find the keywords used for the products or services that are popular, and at the same time, they see both low and medium competition keyword based on the strategy. Once the site ranked in these keywords, we start focusing the high competition keywords.

We have analyzed the keywords used in the website through the Google AdWords or analytics and other keyword analysis tools. It has shown that the search volume that comes every month from those keywords remains a significant reason for more research on keywords domain. While digging a bit deep into the keyword analysis, our digital marketing team discovered that people who were interested in many subjects look for informative things that were somehow related to those keywords. While working on the keywords using Google Keywords Planner and Ahref we found a new set of keywords that have a high volume of use and better credibility.

The keyword analysis had shown that when the keywords searched each time number of advertisements come on search page at the beginning. Therefore it shows that the keywords have high search volume. People who were searching for these keywords were serious buyers. We extensively use Google Keywords planner to search for best keywords. Our experts also use other tools for more in-depth analysis. Some of them are –

  • Ahref
  • Link Assistant
  • Moz
  • Majestic SEO
  • HootSuite (hashtags)

One of the most positive benefits of high-quality organic traffic that the website attracts is that a good part of the visitors converts into leads.


Always Publish Content that fits with the Keywords

Your content is king. You should publish content that goes well with the relevant keywords or the keywords that are essential for your digital marketing campaign. Once you have shorted out the perfect keywords, the next thing is identifying the keyword competition. Now to know more about the competitiveness, you can take the help of Google search and see what result you are getting. When you Google same type of keywords, you will get a host of websites that use these keywords. When you look at ranked website’s on Google’s 1st page, you will find some fundamental flaws in them.

  • Many of them are in PDF format that is not user-friendly.
  • Most of the websites have no correct on page done
  • Images ALT tag is not taken care of
  • Inbound and Outbound linking not done correctly
  • Backlinks not monitored and not built using proper methods
  • Competitor research and competition tracking is unavailable for them
  • Look, and Graphics not given any importance
  • Video Marketing looks like entirely left alone
  • Content Marketing not emphasized even after being a vital rank signal

Once you have identified all the errors or flaws of the websites, you will be able to create a better site with better pages to rank in different keywords.

Create Original, Reader-friendly and Lucid Content

As we have said before that content is king, content is everything in a website or blog. Your visitors will come to your site not just to see your website theme or design. Yes, few visitors see it, where the first impression is beyond doubt is your content. It should be lucid and original that can improve readers’ engagement. If your content is unique, reader-friendly and transparent, you will start getting returning visitors.

The essential questions, those come here in this discussion is all related to content. Yes, the quality of content and what kind of quality deserve’s to be the best. When our digital marketing specialists start working on a project to find the quality and type of the content needed for a particular website; they first analyze the keyword relevancy with the content along with the topics to create unique, lucid, reader-friendly and search-engine friendly content. For example, if the competitors provide 10-12 topic ideas, our experts try to give more than 25 topic ideas to cater to the need of the readers.

One advantage of breaking the ideas into different categories is that it allows people to skim the content. It also allows the website get do follow links that in turn improves the CTR. As discussed earlier, when competitors’ sites do not have sufficient pictures or images, and videos; we post them to make them look attractive to make the sites more engaging as well as exciting.

Besides other relevant factors, you should keep in mind the following things:

  • You should use pre-outreach approach.
  • You can generate a buzz around your website by way of tie-ups.
  • Try to get quality backlinks. Yes, we are talking about getting quality backlinks, because, here quality means getting backlinks from high authority websites.
  • Use the branding strategies to promote your posts in social
  • Try to get in touch with influencers, which would help boost your sites rank.
  • Give value to social media. Social media help you connect with like-minded people who are interested in your products or services or the niches you target.

Now, let’s talk about the career in Digital Marketing. From the above discussion, the quantum of digital marketing is reflecting. And as the jobs are getting complicated every day with a constant input of new ideas and methodologies, we can hope for a great future and career in Digital Marketing. To get a career in Digital Marketing here we will suggest few of the best places to get trained in Delhi. In these institutes, you can learn about this exciting subject and explore a fantastic career in it.

Best list of top 10 digital marketing institutes in delhi

1). Manipal Prolearn: Manipal Prolearn is a leading professional training institute in Delhi. It offers several specialized certified courses in Digital marketing. Here you can learn digital marketing in detail. Some of the courses in which you can enroll here are Data Sciences, Digital Marketing, Finance and Project Management.

Here the students are given hands-on training by highly trained professionals. Manipal Prolearn allows its students to make use of an advanced simulator tool to test the performance of their advertisement.

2). Edupristine: Edupristine is a very highly regarded professional institute in Delhi. This institute has its presence in virtually all the metro cities of India including Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune. If you are fond of learning SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, Pay per click advertisement, Google AdWords and mobile marketing, Edupristine is the perfect destination for you. The students are provided hands-on training on real-time cases for greater understanding of their subject.

3). Simply Digital: This institute run by IIT-IIM alumnus, one of the top-rated institutes for learning Digital marketing in Delhi. Here students can learn how to develop a website and leverage SEO, SEM, PPC, email, social media marketing from IIT and IIM faculty members. The institute also helps the students in getting an internship in leading digital marketing companies as well as in their final placement.

4). NIIT: We can describe NIIT as the best institute providing digital marketing courses in India. The global brand with a presence of more than forty countries in the world. NIIT delivers the latest course structure in digital marketing with all new techniques followed by professionals all over the world.

NIIT and the Digital Marketing Institute in Ireland jointly offer professional diploma in digital marketing. NIIT has multiple campuses in Delhi; some of them are Janakpuri, Dilshad Gardens, South Extensions campus.

5). HiAim: HiAim is one of the top-rated institutes offering courses in digital marketing in Delhi. A student enrolling in the digital marketing course of this institute will get 50 hours of classroom training, 50 hours of self-analysis and 40 hours of live projects in different digital marketing domains.

6). Learning Catalyst: Learning Catalyst provides their students with a highly professional hands-on experience in their classrooms. Here, students can study interdisciplinary approach to digital marketing with the help of industry professionals. For a greater understanding of the subject, the students are provided a 2-month internship with leading digital marketing companies.

7). Digiperform: It is one of the leading digital marketing institutes in Delhi. It has six campuses spread all over Delhi. This institute has individual courses for entrepreneurs and professionals, who want to update their knowledge in digital marketing.

8). Sri Aurobindo Center for Arts & Communication: This premier institute in Delhi offers a 4-month certificate course in digital marketing for both graduate as well as undergraduate students. The course designed keeping the focus on the emerging trends in the digital marketing industry.

9). Digital Technology Institute: It is one of the leading institutes in Delhi that offers in-depth learning in digital marketing through 10 specially designed learning modules.

10). Delhi School of Internet Marketing: This leading institute in digital marketing has campuses spread all over India. The institute offers specialized courses in digital marketing to professionals, corporate and fresher. It has five schools in Delhi, where leading professionals from industry visit every year to provide comprehensive training in digital marketing.

 Any institute wants to update, delete or add any data in this page call us at +91-7890002020

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