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Yahoo Search Marketing

Today nothing goes in the right way without proper marketing strategies. When it comes to a new product or brand, advertising or marketing is really important. Otherwise these new products and brands can’t survive in the market for long. In the present day there are hundreds of marketing strategies available and hundreds of new strategies are in the making. When it comes to marketing strategies, online advertising is considered as one of the most effective ways to promote products and brands. Yahoo Search Marketing is one of the best options in online marketing and thousands of companies use this method to promote their business products and brands.

Yahoo is a well-known search engine available in the world. Just like the Google Adwords for Google, Yahoo Search Marketing is the online advertising service of Yahoo. This concept was introduce in 1996 and it has a history over 20 years. For this long Yahoo Search Marketing has been supplying a wonderful service for companies in promoting and advertising their products and services. In order to get effective results through Yahoo Search Marketing, you can follow the following steps.

·        Create small, focused ad groups to ensure relevancy between ads, keywords and landing pages.

·        Don’t get into bidding wars for highly competitive, broad terms. More specific keywords will cost you less and garner more targeted, qualified traffic.

·        Do keyword research to find your best keywords.

·        Use the keyword you’re bidding on in the ad text—Yahoo will bold the keyword to show searchers that the ad is relevant.

·        Use excluded or negative keywords. By eliminating keywords that don’t fit your target audience, you can increase CTR and reduce wasteful PPC spending.

·        Send users to a relevant, optimized landing page. Don’t just use your home page as the destination URL, and consider creating a dedicated landing page to increase conversions.

·        Create multiple ads—at least two per ad group. Yahoo Search Marketing will automatically rotate the ads and you’ll be able to see which version performs best. 


Through this service you can create ads and those ads will be appear on the sites where people frequently visit. Once they click the banner which contains your ad, that person will be redirected to your website which contain your products and brand. You can select the audience that you need to see your ad when creating the ad. When selecting the audience you should be careful, because it is very important to select the correct audience as they will be the ones who dealing with you. So you should select the audience who might interest in your brand and products. And you can select the audience by selecting countries and regions.


The Yahoo Search Marketing method is a very cost effective advertising method when compared to other advertising methods. You will have to pay only if a visitor click your ad. More they click more you have to pay and remember that more they click, more they come to know about your products. So do not think twice to use Yahoo Search Marketing for your advertising purposed and it will exceed your expectations.