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Best Google Adwords Campaign Management
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Starting with Google Adwords, you can create a campaign yourself or call us. Our expert ad managers have years of experience and have worked with many businesses. Our Ad planning will bring result and create a sustainable business format. With long term or short term target ahead you can call us for planning, budgeting and create Google Adwords ads and deliver the result on the budget in a time frame. Here are a few Adwords Hacks that you can use to get the better result.

1. Keyword research is the most important thing to start with for your marketing.

2. Use ahref to spy competitors keyword and ads. Do that.

3. Find the best product to push through adds or make your products look best.

4. Setup campaign and for the first setup take Google’s free add credit.

5. Create different Group for different target segment.

6. Always keep a separate list of keywords and ad text for the different groups.

7. If you think the fake click is a problem in search adds then consider local search add and check the difference in leads, you are getting.

8. If you have multiple offices, local search add help.

9. Create the call-only campaign for mobile devices and text add for the desktop.

10. Keep your device based targetting separate, for this do proper research on keyword, add script, product and landing page.

11. A/B Testing is vital to find out what is working and what is not, filter out the things that are not working.

12. Use Remarketing with your other running adds and turn on remarketing for users who have searched for select keyword phrases.

13. Test with the different type of ads with different target locations.

14. Set up two variations of campaigns one is local, and the other is national. For local cities keep the keywords on broad match category. This way will bring your ads in both generic and long tail keywords. By doing this, you can turn off the national campaign if not needed and keep area specific campaigns running. It will reduce your financial impact and increase profit.

15. Create a schedule when you get most of your calls for business. This way will create more focused delivery of the ads.

16. If you forget to filter out negative keywords, correct it now and create a list of negative keywords and remove them. Anything that is related but won’t bring business must be removed.

17. Remember Long Tail Keywords may have less search, but they are very cost effective. If you can create a good enough number of keywords list for long tail keywords, then your expenses should come down for the same business. But for this in-depth look into many possible keywords is needed.

18. Ad Extensions are vital in giving more information to your customers. So, never forget to use this opportunity. Add extensions, i.e. phone number, product page url, review page url, address etc. Provide as much information as you can to your buyers.

19. Keep a regular budget for a long duration. To achieve this, you can run the ad on most profitable days of the week or weekends or only weekdays. This type of filter will also boost revenue.

20. Try your hand with Google Partner sites for remarketing ad to the regular advertisement they are sometimes more productive than even search ads.

21. For the E-commerce websites plan on dynamic advertisements and check how they are working.

22. Use Few Paid Ad Marketing Tools such as Ahrefs, Spyfu and others.