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Let Us Start Twitter Marketing for Engaged Leads

Importance of Twitter Marketing for small and medium business owners is undeniable. Establishing a strong online presence and on social media is beyond doubt a time-consuming task. It would be more and more hectic and time consuming if done in-house novice marketing staff. Whereas, the task can be reduced to nil whether a professional Twitter marketing service is hired.

Twitter is good for the purpose of micro blogging as well as social networking services. Many top brand companies have been successfully using Twitter as an effective tool to advertise, promote and market their brands. These days, social networking sites are used in all almost all countries around the world on a massive scale, and Twitter is one of the most important among them. It helps the brand to reach at the top of the visibility and build online presence within a few days.

ü How Extensive Ideas Twitter Marketing Service Can Help?

ü Improve your brand awareness on Twitter

ü Enhance your brand on Twitter

ü Engage large number of users with interesting tweets

ü Respond to queries of your new and existing customers

ü Maintain the Twitter account by posting as well as replying to tweets

ü Develop many different contests as well as giveaways with the present followers to attract target customers

ü Provide up-to-date report on company’s Twitter image

At Extensive Ideas, we not only help you develop a comprehensive organic strategy but also paid Twitter marketing strategy that will surely boost your marketing bottom line. Our Twitter marketing strategy is out of the ordinary. Our strategies drive brand awareness, which will meet your social marketing objectives which participate in latest topics as well as Twitter chats, and other things, such as scheduling original tweets, increasing engagement with the followers, and creating the paid ads whenever necessary. We have had experience in managing the successful Twitter ads campaign on behalf of the clients in different verticals, exempli gratia technology, SaaS, e-commerce etc.

How Extensive Ideas Twitter Marketing Service Works?

Our extensive process to undertake all Twitter marketing projects are:

·        Setting up profile

Your Twitter profile is important. It is a place where you set your small bio, or what you do and how you can assist your audience. We begin with creating an optimized Twitter profile which will help boost your account visibility and grow new followers.

·        Content Strategy

Promoting of excellent content is a major part of what Twitter is all about. Our social media marketing experts analyze the industry verticals to determine the hashtags as well as quality content topics that audiences look for.

·        Follower Growth

In order to grow your followers via Twitter, we target our specially written Twitter content development efforts towards the targeted audience. These help them get in touch with you by way of Twitter and speak to their needs, desires and challenges.

·        Cards Set Up for Twitter

We set up a nice Twitter Cards on your website, which will help you share links to your content into the rich media experience that improves the audience engagement.

·        Twitter Ads

Ads on Twitter not only allow you to target your niche but also help target the keywords that your audience search for and watch. Our experts will do that for your Twitter account for extensive marketing.