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Million Time Downloaded Hairstyle Changer App – A Digital Marketing Success

hairstyle changer application

Million Time Downloaded Hairstyle Changer App – A Digital Marketing Success

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Hairstyle Changer Application, How it was marketing learn with  Android App Marketing Case Study. It Started From a basic level of a few hundred thousand downloads we have worked along with this App’s Million Times Download. We Feel Proud to be Associated with Mettle Tech for years on their marketing and planning of Digital Assets. We delivered many more vital things starting from bringing Millions of Visitors to building a Visibility Profile that can be re used for branding repeatedly in future.

The Reached a Proud Moment Crossing the Million Times Download.

The major things that we did while working for this App are:

  1. Building a Search Engine Visibility
  2. Building a Social Media Presence
  3. Top of the Class Backlink Profiling
  4. Responding to the comments with solutions.
  5. Answering users and new prospects about the App
  6. Create a Strong Image and Video Presentation for the App
  7. Build a Website for the App
  8. Constant Content Posting for the App
  9. Creating and Optimizing a Youtube Video Channel for the App
  10. Optimizing hairstyle videos and connecting them with the App’s download

While working in the Organic Download with worked on In Organic downloads as well. And here Quora Played an important role in taking the product to many other Millions of Visitors Across the world. While the marketing was our responsibility Mettle Tech product a marvelous application to serve many purpose for different group of people, catering to many age category to many ethnic categories of people.

This is how we responded to the queries and comments:

Our experience while working on this App has been Pivotal and Path breaking for to give us the knowledge of Application Marketing. The Data we collected from this campaign will always work for us as a knowledge base to take many other products to a dream Million+ Download with Many more times views and financial benefit.

Here You Can See the Search Visibility of the APP 

Application’s now drive our life starting from food ordering to window shopping all now being done with Mobile Applications. And as this market is well placed to grow more and bring more complex Applications in future, the marketing drive for them would stand out to be the most vital connection to bring revenue and build such place where organizations not only survive but also grow beyond expectations.

For this constructive marketing movements need to be planned with precise functions that are needed to get most from your Digital Marketing Campaigns

5 Suggestions To Maximize Your App Downloads

Developers of Application for any platform must be aware of the fact that building the mobile phone app is merely half of the job. After efficiently developing an app, you have to ensure the app is interesting enough for users to download and keep installed. There are a lot of applications obtainable in different online stores, and many apps possess the same features. You need to make your exciting to stand out for individuals to download it.
The application should focus on many improvements; it should be able to stand out the uninstalls and keep users involved by using these tips.

These are our discovered few ideas to help maximize your app downloads

1. Place advertisements where your target market can be found to increase your application download. It’s vital to place ads, to make your app known. You can put advertisements on interpersonal press systems to get a wider audience. But if your app can be comparable to a great deal of various other applications currently in the market, it is better to perform on-line ads; this would make your application exclusive and attract even more users.

While placing an advertisement, you should keep this in mind, knowing the best places to put your ads possess the secret to more broader reach and increased number of download. Discover where your focus or target audience hangs out and place the ads that capture the attention from the mass. It should include a creative touch and give them a reason why they should download the app, something that would attract their interest and solve some need.

2. Good App designers are vital while building your app based businesses, understand that it is more significant than a video clip, a website or online advertisements, etc. to keep the users interested and also obtain even more users to download the app you need to keep working. But to keep a faithful community of users, you need to get significant public relationships or a marketplace influencer. 

Obtaining good PR will not consist of sending press releases to guides since they get them daily. But if you are spending on Press Releases get them done by good organizations and release notes on significant changes or achievements only. That not only dilute the purpose but also build momentum. Press Releases if done by good organizations get you good backlinks to promote the product. But to get high Page rank, you need to produce more than you think about your application as without regular updates and changes things will become monotonous and people will ultimately leave it.

3. Create a website for your App because it helps the task of marketing little more natural and sometimes communicating to its user base also. Having a site increase the chances of individuals understanding about your app better. The website can be utilized to email clients, examine out feedbacks about the app, obtain study response, etc. you can also post content articles on your site that optimize relevant keywords.

4. Pay attention to your users No matter the number of users you have, usually, pay attention to their needs. It would help you in building an exceptionally supportive community. Usually, inquire for opinions and consider them significantly providing offers and bonuses like referral reward to motivate users to pass on the app to others.

If you can successfully listen to your users and implement their feedbacks, more users would be willing to download the app. since people like to end up treated with particular interest.

5. Explainer videos are a great way to speak for your App. You can explain many things using the animation that you can not with usual videos. To build engaging, meaningful and creative video marketing campaigns to indulge your users with the help of Powtoon, Animoto, and Explainify, you can make explainer videos to employ your users. It can be extremely essential to possess an explainer video of your app. You can actually make use of the video clips to clarify the marketplace study, particular features, and therefore many other points.