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Top 20 Search engine ranking factors

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is a technique of optimizing a website in Google, Bing and other search engines. A lot of change was seen in this area in last One decade. The major changes were bought by the rapid change in search also of Google. SEO or Search Engine Optimization in large explains about the quality you are giving to the web. If you have a sound and quality website with all it’s features starting from its fast loading time to proper header setup to highly optimized content structure it should not be a problem to bring your website among top referring website’s in Google. With that, you also need to watch out for the quality you are building on the web which is pointing your website. As quality on both On Page and Off page part grows it becomes easy for Search Engine’s to identify the real and quality website’s to bring them in front.

Here we will see what could be the major reasons and contributor to rank website :
1. Keyword Research :

Finalizing on the final list of Keywords: It is considered to be one of the toughest areas in the primary marketing of your business. If you know the keywords through which your client will find you in search engine then you will understand the first barrier was crossed in SEO. To do this you will need to talk to your clients, think and brainstorm on the subject yourself and look for your competitor’s presence across search engines. If you have a business of teaching then you will like to increase your presence in the related keywords and subject matters as well. Like that if you a restaurant you can focus on what type of food you offer Indian, Chinese or Continental. It will be like ” Chinese food restaurant in Kolkata”.

While searching for keywords we must keep in mind we have 2 types keywords. One is small called generic keywords and the other is a bit longer called long tail keywords. These type of keywords will define the reason and target of your business. If the business is operating locally in a city based or area based business you can take a “long tail” keyword But if you are a national food chain providing exclusive eating experience across the country it becomes a necessity to bring your website in generic keywords as well.

2. Keyword Analysis with Google Ad words Tool or Other tools :

We now have a brief understanding of our target keywords and listed few from the target as well. But we don’t have the data reflecting the keywords strength. It is another important part which we need to study through different keyword analysis tools. Google and Bing provide us the free tool to understand keywords strength and with them, there are other major software’s which gives detail scope to study keywords on many parameters. Different keyword analysis tools we have are like these :

a. Google Adwords Tool
b. Bing Ads Tool
c. Wordstream Paid Tool
d. Wordtracker Paid Tool
e. Moz SEO Tool Paid Tool
h. WEB CEO SEO Analysis Software Paid Tool
i. IBP SEO Software Paid Tool
And many others are available. You may choose according to your budget and preference.

3. Filter the keywords on their strength and competition :

When you search the keywords in above research tools, they come up with a detail explanation of their average monthly search, competition, cost of PPC add. If you do a comparative search analysis between two set of periods like between April 2014 to April 2015 and April 2015 to April 2016 you will see the changes in the search pattern. Whether the keywords are growing in search volume or decreasing it shows the same. Above all, it reflects the percentage of change in all other related keywords as well. This data will help you to differentiate and target the existing keywords and add on an existing set of keywords to optimize in the larger area. Resulting in a broad presence across different keywords will result in more quality traffic and better conversion.

This data can be further studied with more related information from the paid SEO Tools. They give you KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index report, competitors presence in all keywords and few other extended information as the requirement fits). This information ultimately helps a company form a marketing strategy and start work on SEO for the final set of agreed and selected keywords.

4. Keyword stuffing and balanced use of keywords on your website with the need of unique title :

IN earlier days web admins used to write article’s with a huge presence of the keyword across title, description, keyword in the header portion and relating to that a stuffing of keyword data was done in body article as well. While images are also not left and attached heavily to keywords based terms. This way of optimization used to work very well till search engines could be fooled on deceptive data. But as the search engines are growing to be more intelligent all the fooling techniques has gone out of trend. For this reason, the keyword stuffing is now considered to be a dangerous trick which might get your site removed from search visibility at all.
Although Yahoo and Bing still consider keywords laden domain to be important and connected entity Google has discounted to give you any benefit of keyword manipulation in any way. But you will not be penalized if you mention names of city or item in your article in a reasonably proper way like in this article we have done the same.

So, If you are thinking what is the current trend of placing keywords and using them on a website or a webpage? It’s nothing but the balanced use of referring keywords not more than 2-5% of the words you have in your article body. And keywords stuffing in title, description and meta keywords is a matter of the past, you will gain very very less benefit from this short-term technique. In the longer run, you will need to improve the internal quality of your website with many quality articles explaining the matter properly and helping others know about that and work on that.

If you are denying the importance of a well written and well phrased article then you are denying yourself the expected search optimization you can have. Never buy the methods which give you short term result in SEO always go with the long-term and targeted work to build more quality of your website. This helps your website to gain more visibility and increased traffic. Quality traffic and widespread availability of many keywords is the main secret to getting more and quality leads. Few more things we need to do as follows :

a. Set up a reasonable title without keyword stuffing but with keyword presence. Provide your brand name in the title, or provide the reason of the page. This helps search engine’s to co-relate your page properly in search results. It should not cross 65 characters.
b. Set up a description which really speaks about your work than just stuffs keyword. That is the real and main way to explain others what you do helping search engines to place you properly. IT should not cross 165 characters.
c. A virtual search engine view of your title and description can be checked by many available free tools to get an understanding of what you should do.
5. Website structure with proper navigation and implementation of Breadcrumb (navigation) :
a. Your website should be easy to navigate.
b. URL’s structuring: Url’s should look like the following URLs without any asterics or underscore. As unclear urls don’t help the visitor to navigate the website or even remember the place it has visited.


c. Add “breadcrumb navigation” to help visitors to identify the trail of the urls to reach the page and even remember the same if he want to return. Breadcrumb helps search engine’s to show a proper guide to reach the page even in search results. This makes it easy for all to get through the contents available.

6. Sitemap and robots.txt need of them in an age of e-commerce :

We have reached a time when search engines are brilliant in finding related data. Although still not that perfect as it should be, it is working towards the same line. With our years of working experience what we have seen is the listing or removing of website and its url’s depend a lot on its sitemap.xml and robots.txt file. Its not important how you write them it’s important what you write in them.
robots.txt is the file considered to be first file google crawlers look’s for in a website and find’s for guidance as to what need to be crawled in a website. So, guiding to the sitemap of a site and restricting access to many urls which are not needed any more helps the crawlers update search engine’s database about the site’s current condition.
sitemap.xml guides the crawlers to all available url’s of the site. And helps in listing them in search engine. Although for e-commerce website’s we have seen a different trend. Now a day’s search engines are getting so much power that it can read new URL without having it on sitemap file.

7. Risks of SEO Tricks and Keyword Manipulation through stuffing and other techniques :

If you are planning to stuff your title, description or article with keywords or keyword laden anchor text based url’s pointing to your website just forgets it. As discussed before it is the most harmful way in current age of SEO. You can be easily penalised for manipulating the search result if you do any such thing. But it doesn’t guarantee the same as well. It depend’s on how much you are doing the same. A balanced presence of keyword is also needed to help search engines to understand what your site is about. So, what you must not do :
a. Adding keyword laden anchor text highlight a particular term to get preference in search engines.
b. Adding keywords invisible to the user. If define’s the presence of the keyword in your page but users can not see the same while reading the article. But as search engine crawlers goes through the source code of a site it can see it.
c. Don’t use unrelated keywords on your page that changes the focus and don’t help in the process of optimization.

Content Marketing is the main part of SEO :

While writing for your website remember the content would be read by your readers, not the search engines. So, don’t think what search engines will get from your content but focus on what you can provide your readers. If you do so in all of your articles it won’t be long when you will also get quality search visibility. As a well written and properly explained article always encourages readers to return to your site and refer it to others as well. And helps search engines to understand user interaction and content quality to give you your desired place among the ranked urls. If you think the content is not important then it is a big mistake and that can cause long-term harm to your website.
I always prefer to work on a site’s long-term content strategy than short-term keyword stuffing. A long-term content strategy builds quality for your website with many articles with correct structure of writing, structure, and placement of words. This helps the user to understand and refer the subject properly.

Few guidelines you would like to keep in mind while writing :
a. Be objective and honest in writing a content which is balanced from every angle. So the user can return to refer your same article and also read others while suggesting it to users as well.
b. Use Facts to explain a product like users review, recommendations, and other useful information.
c. Increase user’s interaction with the content by encouraging them to comment and embed your article in their site or share in social media.

9. Responsive website and mobile-friendly architecture

As mobile users have surpassed the pc or laptop users it is imperative to make your website mobile responsive. Do check that all the articles are structurally coming with proper visibility of the written content in all screen size of mobiles. This you can easily check in “Firefox Browser” they have a system to get small screen size. Just open firefox and press “Ctrl+Shift+M” this will give you the mobile testing panel with multiple screen size. With the latest introduction of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages ) also helps to bring in the amp result in search engine. AMP is nothing but an HTML page with no CSS or javascript with it but formed in a responsive structure.

10. Link Building the secrets and Strategy :

Now coming to the main part of SEO I would talk about 3 main sections which build connection to a webpage or a website, they are :

a. Inbound link to a website: These are links that come from other site’s which can be from following the variation of websites :

i) Press Release Website, here you will get press release syndication sites which work to spread your content to many other connected PR sites and normal PR sites where you may submit the press release direct. These need to be written on a third person basis with proper follow up of the guidelines to write a press release otherwise releases don’t get published in most of the PR sites. While submitting content we can provide backlink through mentioning of our website in contact information with an address to build citation to our Google Local Listing as well.

ii) Article Submission Directory, where you will submit an article on a particular niche which needs to be accepted by the directory admin as well.

iii) .org or .gov sites through content submission or link sharing.

iv) web 2.0 site through content submission.

v) Infographics or image submission also helps in building backlinks which are considered good if not misused.

vi) The video-based content connection also helps you to build backlink from high high-quality video hosting website’s.

vii) Now a day’s Audio Search Optimization is also in trend so if you can build a audio file of the article that you are writing it can be shared in many podcasting sites building a connection to your article.

Beware of purchasing link or working with link building software which does nothing but building spam links to your site assuring you of a blacklisting by Google.

11. Building Website’s Authority and Page Authority :

Building website and Webpage’s individual authority by building a high-quality connection from high authority sites makes your site more reliable. You can do this by building connections from other high-quality sites and submitting the same in social media, social media site’s users to have high quality.

12. Guest Blog Posting works as the major source of gaining quality backlinks to your site as other methods of comment posting and tricky techniques are now obsolete due to heavy google penalties on those. 

You need to understand that content is the king in today’s world and if you can write and build quality across your own website and around your website then there will be no other way to stop you from achieving the top ranking in search engine. As the search engines are growing more and more intelligent regular posting of content even in one particular high-quality site won’t also yield any proper result. Refer to this page where you can see top guest blog posting website we use to post content. You can build your own set of sites.

To build a set of guest blogging website the things you need to do are :

  1. Find quality sites and make a list of them. They all should be able to accept your content and has high DA and PA.
  2. Build the list according to the DA and PA of the sites.
  3. Find writers who can post in high-quality sites and use their access to post in high-quality sites.
  4. Build your own site to be a quality content site where other content writers would like to donate their content.
  5. Now once you are ready with the list, start mailing to the site admin’ s asking for an access to post in them with a guest blog attached or send the guest blog when site admins reply.
  6. As you keep doing this after a certain time your list will grow out to a size that can easily take any website to the top of the search engine is used as a content posting source.
  7. Don’t try to build too many backlinks too fast, that way you may get penalized by the site owner and even Google as well.
  8. To avoid too many backlinks too fast in one site build a repertoire so strong you always have a site with you and on every alternate day, you are posting on a new website.