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How do I write a good Meta description? What is Meta description length?

How to write a meta description that captures the attention and brings more people to your site, lear with us. If you are concerned about optimizing your website in search engines, you need to pay particular attention towards the Meta description. It can create a tremendous impact on your search engine rankings.

Recently with a significant update, Google updated its meta description length to 320 characters, and we can see it impacts on search results as given below. Now the major question amount optimizers how to update this as Yoast Plugin was not updating, but Yoast as well updated its description length now to 320 characters. What are the implications it will bring and how Google will change after this? Will study once we define what is Meta Description first?

What exactly is a Meta description?

Before you learn how to write a Meta description, you should have a clear understanding of what precisely a Meta description is. If we do a Google Search the primary thing that comes to us visually is the meta description; you will see a small description under the links, which will assist you to get a better understanding about the content that you can expect from the web page. It is known as the Meta description. If you can add an eye-catching, relevant and a detailed Meta description, you will get the opportunity to increase the number of visitors who are coming to your website.

How do I write a good Meta description?

There are few ground rules, which you need to follow when writing the Meta description so that you can end up with useful results in the long run. Here is a list of some of the most prominent rules out of them. Every person who writes Meta descriptions should keep these rules in mind.

Use an attractive title along with a description

When people see your Meta description, they should get the interest to click on the website link and go through the content offered by your website. To do that, you must use an action-oriented language when writing the Meta description. Action-oriented speech is all about writing an engaging narrative based on an action copy. Then the readers will be able to figure out what they can do by clicking on the link. You can use verbs such as “Grab,” “Discover” and “Learn” inside the beautiful description to tempt the readers to go to the next step.

What should you do with the Meta description length?

The Older Update as said – Your description should not be a lengthy one. You should always try to write it under 165 characters. It is true that leading search engines such as Google doesn’t count the description to see how many characters are there. Instead, they use pixels to measure meta title length. If the description length is higher than a threshold value, the remaining will be cut off. But if you stick to the 165 character limit, you will be able to make sure that you stay within the recommended length of the search engine as well.

The New Update is saying – With the new update you can even write the description of about 320 characters, but there is no assurance that all your description would be picked up instead it will only increase the work for your optimization in a vast scale. As they cannot write anything in the description, they will need to bring well thought out descriptions for hundreds of URLs. Although it can be practiced and have a site with all 320 characters based description that doesn’t assure all your 320 characters based descriptions would be crawled, Google may even pick up the most suitable description from the body content.

how to write meta description?

  1. Find the most highly trending url from Search Console.
  2. Select all of your highly trending URLs and update their meta description to 320 characters, if it’s a massive website try to do it for as many url
  3. As Google always love the updated content, you can take help of your content team to write one additional summarizing paragraph and place it with a quotation under a title with a header tag and keep it in parentheses. This way as well you will ask Google to check this as a summary and call it in the description section.
  4. For new website’s try to maintain a description length of 320 characters from the beginning.


Provide a benefit or a solution

It is essential for you to provide a solution to the people who see your description. People tend to use search engines when they are looking for something. When those people check the answer in the description, they would go ahead and click on the link as well. Hence, you need to think about including a benefit or a solution offered by your web page in the Meta description. It should be a short sentence because you need to restrict the Meta title length to the 155 character limit. However, it should be a clear solution or a benefit as well. Then you will get the opportunity to sell what you offer for the people in need.

Make it relevant and specific

It is imperative for you to make the Meta description appropriate and precise for the readers. People who have experience with using search engine know generic and predictable descriptions when they see them on search engine results pages. That’s where you should think about including descriptive words in the Meta description. In here, you need to have a clear understanding of the difference that exists in between descriptive words and fluff words. Your few words need to explain the next hundreds of words to get you connected with the audience through description. Then you will get the opportunity to increase the number of people who click on your description.

Never deceive the search engine users

Last but not least, you need to be careful not to fool the people who use search engines through your Meta description. If you use a deceiving Meta description, you will be able to increase the number of visitors. But as soon as the visitors figure out that they have got deceived, they will go ahead and hit the back button immediately. Building a negative user review and gradual fall from search results because the time that people spend on your website is very less. Therefore, you need to take a look at the long-term negative consequences before you use deceiving Meta descriptions on the site.

Following the meta description best practices as given above, you will build your presence with appropriate meta description and experience all the benefits that your website can bring to you.