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Digital Marketing Course Online Study Material

Search Engine Optimization as a Career.

search engine optimization as a career

Google Ranking Factors With Corrections 

Search Engine Optimization in its basic form – Part I

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization – Part II

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization – What is SEO and Areas Focus In SEO Audit

What is SEO And Areas To Focus in SEO Audit

Work From Home and Freelancing.

Where to get free responsive website template’s and how to use them

Need of mobile responsive website after Mobilegaddon update on 21 April 2015.

What are the SEO and Website analysis tools we cannot do without?

Top Press Release submission website’s

Best article directories and other link building sources

How to Start your own website’s SEO

Guest Blog posting importance and sources

Steps of Search Engine Optimization for your website

How you can promote your business few basics

Free classified website’s good resource for building 2nd tier backlinks

Link building tools, their importance and applicability in today’s digital marketing era

How to find backlinks of your competitor and replicate the same for your website ?

Local Business Listing in Chennai for Google, Bing and other site, how they help optimize your Google listing ?

Local Business Listing in Delhi for Google, Bing and other site, how they help optimize your Google listing ?

Local Business Listing in Mumbai for Google, Bing and other site, how they help optimize your Google listing ?

Benefits of digital marketing training available online, on webinar and through direct contact classes.

How to increase adwords quality score of your Google Ad’s and pay upto 50% .

What is Canocalization and how to solve it ?

How to choose your hosting provider, what you should look for ?

Series of Google Update’s, Penalties and Changes

How you can create multiple browser profile and what benefit it will give you?

What are the factors to rank your video in youtube?

Usability of ping site’s and list of them

Example of social sharing of content for perfect SEO.

How to take Google Adwords, Analytics and Bing Exam

Latest Google Webmaster Update, search queries, & search analytics update 2015

How to use Google Webmaster Tools For SEO

Website Designing and its importance in the digital marketing.

What is Website Design with 100% risk free offer in lowest cost

Pay Per Click Advertisement and it’s management

Pay Per Click Advertisement

Social Media Marketing and its impact on SEO.

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing, its use and efficiency defines your growth in sales.

Email Marketing

Need of Display Advertisement in growing sales and branding.

Display Advertising

Banner advertisements – Need, Efficiency and Deployment

Banner Ads

Affiliate Marketing – Details on how you can build your business and earn healthy revenue.

Affiliate Marketing Training and Services

Content Marketing is the main source of optimization how it helps?

Content Marketing

Online Reputation Management need and importance.

Online Reputation Management Service

How you can reach the right audience for your business ?

How you can increase engagement in your website and with audience?

How to motivate your audience to buy your product?

How you can be an efficient manager of your promotion and campaigns ?

Return on Investment, How it defines where your business will go?

How to create and achieve digital marketing goals which seems impossible ?

Growing need of Video Marketing as a main marketing medium and subsidiary earning source.

Micro blogging sites impact on SEO, Promotion and Growth in Sales with higher revenue.

Promoting your products and services by blogging on it. What are the tricks you can use?

How Image optimization helps in getting better backlinks, improve reputation and drive more quality traffic?

How to use Social Media Site’s to build quality backlink and drive more traffic.

Why you need a forum? Which forums you can join? What are its benefit’s? How they help in SEO, Affiliate Marketing and Other businesses?

Audio search optimization might take over the text based searches this year, So what it is and how you can use this?

Audio Search Optimization

What are the secrets to improve your competitive edge?

How you can increase and expand your customer base with larger target audience.

How to make your working process cost effective and reduce ad expenses?

How traffic can increase sales and from where and how you can get free traffic?

What are the secrets of higher sale’s with increase in Return on Investment?

How to use Google Analytics and other web analytics available to improve your presence?

What are the secrets of better conversion and increase in sales?

Ecommerce website creation, product sourcing to marketing how you can do this and earn millions?

What is AMP of Accelerated Mobile Pages and how it will change your marketing and how you can implement it in your site?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs))

Local Online Marketing, how you can do it and what is its scope to increase sales?

How you can build a plan of action for your digital marketing campaign?

SEO Software’s with their review, I will personally help you in choosing and setting up one software.

What is Black hat SEO?

What is White hat SEO?