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6 Tips On How To Write A Great SEO Article

6 Tips On How To Write A Great SEO Article

As you know, the online world thrives on content. You can use videos, PDF files, and articles to promote your business. Articles are common as they provide information that is easy to access. If you have an online business, you have to write great content for you to be successful. To help you out here is a guide on how to create great SEO content:

Understand what your potential readers are looking for

There is no point of writing an article if no one is going to read it. Before you embark on your writing journey you should research and find the content that people are reading. The good thing is that there are many tools such as Buzzsumo, Google analytics and others that can help you with this. All you need to do is enter your target keyword in these tools and you will see the articles and keywords that people are using to find to content related to yours.

Doing your research before writing helps you come up with ideas of the type of articles that people are interested in reading. Research also helps you come up with the right keywords that will drive people to your content.

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Have a great article title

It’s estimated that 3 out of 5 people will click on the article or fail to click on it simply because of its title. The title is the first thing that people see and greatly determines whether people get to read your article or not. As mentioned, the aim of writing an article is because you want people to read it. To attract people to your article you should have a great title.

A great title should have modifiers such as “Tips”, “Guide”, “Review” and others that not only attract people to your content, but also help you rank for long tail keywords. In addition to modifiers, the title should also have your target keyword. For ideal results, place it as close to the beginning of the title as possible. This is to give your title more weight in the eyes of search engines.

Make use of subheadings

Subheadings serve two purposes: they break up your work thus making it easy for readers to go through it and help you with ranking as you are highly encouraged to place your target keyword there. When placing keywords in the subheadings, place those that read naturally. Remember that even if you are looking to rank high in search results you are writing for people thus your content should be readable. In addition to using subheadings, you should also make reading easy for people by using short sentences, bulleted lists, and short sentences.

Link to other pages on your website

Placing links pointing to other pages of your site that have related content help in rank juice flow. This is where you improve the ranking of the other pages by simply linking to them. The links also increase the amount of time that people stay on your site. If you have great content, people will be interested in reading your other information; therefore, when you direct them to these other sites they will most likely read the content. This increases the on-page time which is an important ranking factor. When people spend a lot of time on your site, you have a higher ranking.

Write long content

Google analytics show that people spend up to twice the amount of time on long content than they spend on short content. Analytics also show that people share long content more than the short one. To be on the safe side, you should ensure that your posts are not less 1,000 words. To optimize your content, place your keywords in the content. Studies show that articles with keywords at the beginning tend to rank higher than those with keywords at the end. To take advantage of this you should mention your target keyword at the first 100-150 words of your article.

When it comes to the rest of the article, throw in LSI keywords. These are synonyms that search engines use to determine the relevancy of your content. As rule of thumb, you should mention them naturally in your content.

Many people have reported that they don’t have ideas on how to write long articles. The easiest way of going about it is using the skyscraper technique. This is where you improve on the most popular articles on the internet. For example, if you have found an article giving you 50 tips on how to write great content, you should improve on the tips and write a better article with 100 or more tips.

Dazzle with multimedia

The human mind consumes images and videos much better than content; therefore, you should avoid boring your readers with blocks of texts. To make your content interesting and reduce bounce rate add engaging images, diagrams, and videos in your content. While you can use some of the readily available videos and images on the internet, it’s recommended that you make your own customized multimedia. This helps you in branding. You also appear professional. A simple way of doing this is placing your company’s logo in all of your images and videos.

What to do after you have published your post

Writing stellar content isn’t enough. As I have mentioned above, the great content of no value if no one gets to read it. To let the world know about the presence  of your content you should make use of social media sites and industry leaders. If there are people that you have quoted in your article, reach out to them and they will most likely share your content thus making more people aware of your article.


These are tips on how to write a good quality SEO article and what to do after publishing. You don’t have to be a journalist to create great content but if you don’t like writing or you don’t have time to do it, you should consider hiring a content writing company to help you out.