Search Engine Optimization Plan With Social Media Marketing Plan

 Many Search engine optimisation Companies operate in India providing SEO, PPC Services, Social Media Services. So, what is special about us. Just give a look at below stats, and you will know what is the effect of 8,00,000 ( 8 lac) + engagement, 82,000 Liked Members in our pages and 1,50,000 Group members. We can take you miles ahead of your client.

As Online users increase, the interest in e-business/ e-commerce may also increase. Now a lot of companies understand that next decade may rely on electronic commerce to grow business worldwide, so they find the necessity to achieve various marketing objectives. Different services to satisfy goals of companies having its expertise.

Search engine optimisation services for example SEO, PPC, Backlink Building, Directory Placement. We handle internet marketing services for example e-mail marketing, banner ad campaigns, web designing & development.

Objective and Mission from the Internet Marketing World:

• Provide quality SEO services/Internet marketing services to the clients to provide greater network visibility for his or her products & Services at a competitive cost.

• Creating online presence for the site

• Maintaining position of the place in searching engines for continuous flow of Traffic

Customers’ Marketing Objectives

We enable our clients to achieve following marketing objectives

1. Get top ranking for targeted/ relevant keywords in main search engines like google

2. Receive maximum leads/ enquiries

3. Increase online visibility

Our Search engine optimisation Services

Internet Marketing World offers following Services:

1. Search Engine Optimisation

2. PPC Management

3. Search Engines or Directory Placement

4. Link Building

5. Website Analysis Reporting

6. E-mail Marketing

7. Blog Marketing

8. Other Services – Web Designing, Graphics Designing

9. Content Marketing

10. Hosting Services.

Our Strategy

1. Search Engine Optimisation: SEO focuses on the website. So, they can help your site to obtain top ten ranking in leading search engines like google in addition to increasing website traffic and leads

2. Ppc Management: PPC may be the instant method of showing compensated ads in search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN, etc. at the very top positions. We can target specific place for advertising.

3. E-mail Marketing: E-mail Marketing may be the primary source to contact targeted customers. We are going to build intelligent mailing campaign addressed to a particularly targeted database.

4. Pr Release from Article Creation to Submission: We’ll submit the release in world’s leading newspapers and provide the variety of PR releases and article creation to improve online visibility.

5. Blog Marketing: We can promote blog associated with your company that will attract online customers and online readers both perspective on a regular basis.

Extensive Ideas is a search engine optimisation company. Our Internet marketing team concentrates on the main factors for getting your site rankings on the web. We provide valuable Search engine optimisation services like Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Ppc (PPC), E-Mail Marketing, etc. Our expert Search engine optimisation professionals will fulfil your ultimate goal of achieving good ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Our primary purpose would be to neglect the area of Online Marketing by growing the returns. We are search engine marketing specialists located in Kolkata. We offer search engine optimisation services worldwide.

Search Engine Optimization will cover:

1.On page Optimization.

2.Finding Errors and fixing the same.

3.Build 11 type of sitemaps as per the requirement of your website with mobile based sitemaps as well.

4.Image Optimization.

5.Content optimization.

6..htaccess 404 redirection error resolution.

7.Custom 404 error page creation which can be the marketing page for your website.

8.Building Marketing banners and images for your web campaign.

9.Building Off Page Backlinks.

10.Google, Yahoo,Bing submission.

11.Keyword and Competitor Analysis.

12.Analysis between your website and your competitors website.

13.Building your backlinks so that you can easily compete your competitors.

14.Backlink building from .edu, .wiki, .org websites.

15.Backlink Building from Press Release submission.

16.Press Release Submission in premium paid press release websites.

17.Article Directory Submission.

18.Google Adwords Account management.

19.Building your own blog for your website.


Social Media Optimization will cover:


1. Extensive social sharing.

2. Sharing will be done in Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn Pulse, Tumblr, YouTube, Medium groups, pages and accounts.

3. Finding relevant or near relevant social discussions from a sea of threads running on web.

4.Building up companies response by posting in relevant social discussions.

5. Creating Images that can answer and generate questions leading to lead generation.

6. Sharing of the images through out all social platforms.

7. Hashtag optimization for all of our connected extended keywords.

8. Building Social content that can be shared.

9. Sharing of blogs in social platforms with optimized hashtag.

10. Building Q&A streams.

11. Building Quality Social Presence with dedicated forum and groups on your industry and work.

12. Building business network with business people.

Watch this picture how we work :

Our Premium Guest Blog Posting Service.
Our Normal Content Submission Website’s :
Premium Content Submission site’s :
Youtube Video’s and Local Citation Sources would be provided as per the best standard and to the best sites for you.
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