Digital Marketing Training in Kolkata Best from Extensive Ideas

Digital Marketing Training in Kolkata has emerged as the current trend in the world of marketing and it’s better to say that we are living in a world of Digitalization.  Well, today you cannot imagine any service or products that do not make use of the digital marketing. So if you are looking forward to making a lucrative career in the marketing field, then these days you must know digital marketing. See today every big and small companies are using social media and YouTube to market and promote their services, is so social media marketing and video marketing has emerged as the ongoing marketing trend! And you know what both these are the most vital services of Digital Marketing as a whole.

Digital or Internet Marketing means marketing or promoting one particular service through online via search engines, social media sites and YouTube. Thus its become amply clear that there is a huge demand in the Digital Marketing industry in India. As India is rated as largest outsourcing country and so there is a lucrative career and future in the Indian Digital Marketing Industry. However, there is an enormous gap in training Digital Marketing professional in  India compared to the rising demand of the industry. So here comes Extensive Ideas a premier Digital Marketing Company from Kolkata that comes with an exclusive Digital Marketing Training at an affordable cost.

Here we are covering every aspect of Digital Marketing starting from search engine optimisation, social media marketing, video marketing, email marketing, affiliate search engine marketing, and many more services of Digital Marketing. Here are the highlights what we are gong to cover in our internet marketing training.

  • Search Engine Marketing– Well, here we are going to cover all aspects of SEO. Starting from the basic introduction, advanced keyword research and analysis, duplicate content issues that are plagiarism, Local SEO, Off and On Page SEO, Link Building process and applications Etc.
  • Social Media Marketing – Here we cover an introduction to social media marketing to every aspect of social media marketing starting from creation and optimising all social media profiles and pages in Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Apart from that, we will also cover how doing effective marketing in Linked In.
  • Video Marketing – Here, we will be covering all the details starting with making a responsive and professional video for optimising and ranking the same in YouTube and Google for yielding better conversion.
  • Email Marketing – In this module, we would be covering all the essential aspects of email marketing, Autoresponder integration and uses, the way to create an opt-in page, Etc.
  • Web Analytics – Well, of this module students will learn introductory of web analytics, various tools, services and data producers, customer life cycle, setting a web analytics tool, etc.
  • Affiliate marketing – Here you would be learning all the basic introduction and concepts, tips and techniques, various affiliate marketing programs, etc.
  • Our course on Digital Marketing came from experts and based on the current industry needs and the continuing application of Digital Marketing.
  • Our courses designed by all industry professionals who has about more than eight years of industry experience.
  • Get state of the art learning atmosphere as we have well-equipped labs along with fast internet connectivity.
  • The best team of qualified trainers all who are from the top level professionals forms our faculty team.