Hire the Best Digital Marketing Training With Extensive Ideas

Digital Marketing has emerged as the future of marketing as this has been speedily emerging as the current trend in the world of marketing. With the increasing uses of the Internet worldwide, there has been growing popularity of internet marketing today as we can’t think any services, business, products that do not use Digital Marketing. For example, you need to buy some new cloth or mobile for your sister, and then you can easily search it on Google or YouTube and get all relevant results to your findings. So the question here arises, how Google is getting to know about all these, simply through digital marketing.

That means someone is marketing their services through digital or internet marketing in  Google and the best among them are coming to the top page of Google. So you can’t think anything without digital marketing, and so there is a lucrative career in this field. The Indian SEO and Digital Marketing industry are now the fastest growing sector across the country and thus if anyone is planning to make a good career in marketing, then they must learn Digital Marketing today.

However, to meet the ever rising demand for the Indian SEO and Digital Marketing industry, there is great lacking for well-trained and experienced SEO and Digital Marketing professional. Now simply here comes the Extensive Ideas a renowned SEO and Digital Marketing firm based from the city of joy Kolkata. They have come up with their exclusive Digital Marketing Training in Kolkata especially for people of Kolkata at an affordable cost. Let’s see what you will be getting from this course.

  • You get the state of the art environment for learning that comes with the high-tech atmosphere for taking the training.
  • The best faculty team selected from the digital marketing industry
  • Course curriculum prepared as per the latest requirement in the industry
  • Job assistance to every student after the successful completion of the course
  • We prepare you in such a way that you can also start your own business so well as getting proper placement.
  • Support to students even after the successful completion of the course.

Well, as a leading digital marketing institute in Kolkata, here we are going to cover every detail of Digital Marketing starting from scratch. Starting from clearing concept on basic HTML, Hosting and Cpanel management to SEO Off and On Page, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Google Adwords, Facebook, Marketing Etc. Thus after completing the course, you will become a Digital Marketing expert professional.  So let’s see what you will be learning here.

  • Web Hosting and C-Panel Management – Well, here you will learn how to operate your CPanel and how to manage your website from your control panel. Here, you will learn how to install HTML or WordPress to your site so that you can work and along with that overall Cpanel account management and application you will be learning here.
  • Basic HTML – Well, next you will be learning here some basic application of HTML that you are required to know before doing any Of Page activities for your website.
  • SEO, OFF & On Page – Here you will be given all step-by-step guidance and training on Search Engine Optimization covering both Off and On Page Part. Well, here you will be learning Keyword Research, site structure optimisation, link building all white-hat methods and techniques, reputation management and every aspect of SEO.
  • Social Media Marketing – Well, here you will learn how to market and promote one particular service through social media sites. It includes blogging and microblogging, Facebook, Marketing, optimising your site with social media, create and maintain Twitter, Google+ profiles. Apart from these, you will learn how to build FB Fan Page and other social communities to promote your service or business in a better way.
  • Google Adwords (PPC) – Well, here you would be learning every detailed aspect of Google PPC or Adwords in every detail. Learn how to create Adwords campaign, how to create ads, how to research keywords effectively for your campaign so to reduce the CTR rates for your campaign and many more applications.