Find The Most Affordable Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata

With the passing time, Digital Marketing has emerged as the latest trend in the fraternity of marketing industry and is steadily emerging as the future of traditional marketing. Today everything is presented digitally as we are living in the world of digitization so these days we live with the internet every day and using internet marketing in every sphere of  life. Like we are shopping online, we are doing our banking online, we are booking flights and rail tickets online, we are watching and downloading movies and doing hell lots of stuff online.

So without internet we simply can’t live do we? Of course not, since internet has become an eternal part of our life and so internet marketing too has gained massive popularity across the globe. Therefore, if you are looking to boost your marketing career for a better future, then these days you must know digital marketing. Well, the best thing is that Indian Digital Marketing industry is currently the fastest growing sector right at this moment and so there is a huge demand for a well-trained and experienced Digital Marketing professional in this industry.

So you guys have a great future waiting for you in this industry.  However, for that you must learn Digital Marketing from any professional institute which not only providing quality Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata but also currently working in this field. Exactly here come the Extensive Ideas a premier Digital Marketing  firm based from Kolkata as they come up with their exclusive training on Digital Marketing.

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Why Extensive Idea’s Digital Marketing Course
  • We provide the most affordable internet marketing course in Kolkata that not only prepares you for the industry, but also meets with your budget by fulfilling all your expectation.
  • Our digital marketing course has been designed by industry experts and mainly on the current and the upcoming trend in the Digital Marketing industry.
  • You get the best lab experience that comes with high-speed internet connections with exclusive student community prepared specifically for the training.
  • Our course materials are always updated with the changing Google algorithm rules so that our students always get the latest and most up-to-date training.
  • Well, the best thing is that our CEO, Mr. Omkarnath Nandi is himself an experienced Digital Marketer and SEO Consultant with more than seven years of industry experience. With his guidance and able leadership today Extensive Ideas have achieved these heights where it’s dealing with more than 300 clients.
  • Thus, our students get direct training from industry experts who play the role of a mentor rather than a faculty.


Well, here we used to cover every aspect of Digital Marketing starting from the basic to the advance industry application that is going  in the SEO and Digital Marketing industry. Our course curriculum mainly covers basic concepts to Digital marketing to its various applications like SEO, SMO, Google Adwords, Facebook PPC, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, and many more. So let’s see the details of the course offered by us.

web analytics

Module 1

  • Basic Introduction to Digital Marketing
    Here, you will be learning all the basic concepts of Digital Marketing that will let you harness the power of Digital or internet marketing in an effective manner. It is always important to know few questions before starting anything new that is why and what. In this case, you will learn concepts of digital marketing along with that why you should attend this training and what you will gain from the completion of the course. Thus, in this manner you will prepare yourself mentally as well as physically for your training
website optimization

Module 2

  • Basic To Hosting, HTML, and Cpanel Management

    Well, here you guys will be introduced to hosting management that is how to operate your website control panel and what are its functions. You will also learn how to install WordPress to your site and how to operate FTP and other data on your site from CPanel. Apart from that you are going to learn some basic HTML applications that is important to know for On Page Optimization.


Module 3

  • Search Engine Optimization You will learn all aspects of SEO starting from Off and On Page SEO that includes Keyword research, link building, site structure optimization, and all white hat SEO techniques.
mobile optimization

Module 4

  • Social Media Optimization Well, here you are going to learn the way to promote any business and one particular service or products through all the leading social media sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. You will learn how to create and maintain all social profiles, pages, and groups all professionally for capturing better leads.
local seo

Module 5

  • Google Adwords Here, you will learn all the aspects of Google PPC starting from creating a successful campaign to research keywords effectively so to reduce the CTR rate.
creative calender

Module 6

  • Video Marketing Learn all the aspect of video marketing that covers all the techniques and applications to boost your video marketing campaign. Learn how to rank your videos in Google and YouTube to get better exposure and leads.
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