Digital Marketing Course with Digital Marketing Training 

Digital Marketing Course with Digital Marketing Training has emerged as the current trend in the industry and is speedily started replacing all the traditional way of marketing. As per the recent research conducted by few market research firm ‘Digital is bringing a significant shift in the world of commercialization, and this change is in control and power from companies to the end consumer’.  Well, what is happening in the marketing world for the last five years is that there is a paradigm shift in the balance of power from the companies to the end consumer.

Well, it is the first reorganisation of the relation between the seller, and buyers who have ever taken place before. Today, people have the power to dominate the market. As these days, we can decide what product and services to choose and buy and which to reject, and all this has been possible with the power of the internet. With the growing popularity and expansion of internet usage there comes the revolution in the marketing world.

Well, this lets the rising popularity of internet or digital marketing where people can buy and sell goods and services online straight from the comfort of their home just within a click of a button. Well, the proven fact regarding this is that today people are doing everything online.  Starting from shopping, banking, watching films, hiring services for business, booking flights and railway tickets, availing public service from local municipalities, paying tax to government Etc. 

So in one-word internet has become the essence of our daily life and thus Digital Marketing has emerged as the current trend in the global marketing industry. Today we cannot think any product or service that does not use digital marketing. So if you are an owner of your business or if you aspire to make a lucrative career in the marketing field then these days you should know Digital Marketing.

Whether its search engine marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, email marketing, etc. One just can’t afford to know anything regarding all these services of digital marketing if they want to make a real marketing career. Therefore, exactly here come the Extensive Ideas, one of the premier Digital Marketing firm based from Kolkata. With more than 300 clients and projects in their credit and along with having a team of well-experienced digital marketing professionals the company feels proud to launch their exclusive Digital Marketing Course mainly for the people of Kolkata. So let’s highlight a few facts about the course offered by Extensive Ideas.

Industry experts have crafted the Digital Marketing Training offered by Extensive Ideas with over ten years of experience that covers every ongoing and upcoming aspect of the Digital Marketing Industry. So let’s see what you get from the course.

  • Easy Registration & Immediate Access – Well, after taking admission you will be getting immediate and easy access to all our course content and materials along with the overall modules.
  • Keep Practicing Till You are Perfect – Well, the best thing regarding our course is it is designed and conceptualised to increase productive output consists 80% practical and remaining 20% theory lessons. Thus, you get enough opportunity to revise and practice whatever you are learning during your training session.
  • State Of The Art Learning Environment – Well, at Extensive Ideas we believe in providing the state of the art environment for learning actually. As this makes the learning process full of fun and exciting. Thus, with the able guidance of experienced faculties who are top-notch internet marketers, our students become masters in this field.
  • Flexible Timing – Another incredible benefit that you would be getting from this training is the flexible schedule for attaining your course. So here our students can decide at which time they would be comfortable in reaching the classes.
  • Be an Internet Marketing Certified Professional – Well, after successful completion of this internet marketing course you become a certified digital marketing professional, and you have a rewarding career in this field.

Well, the training structure divided into five modules covering every aspect of digital marketing starting from SEO, SMO, Video Marketing, to Reputation Management. So here it goes.

# 1  Search Engine Optimisation 

  • Concepts of searching online & How search engines used to work
  • Understanding and learning about Google Page Rank
  • Introduction and concepts of SEO
  • Introduction to Hosting and Cpanel Management
  • Find out how to install WordPress and manage FTPs
  • Learn how to research keywords effectively for better optimisation
  • Learn about effective link building strategies
  • Learn all practical applications of Off and On Page SEO
  • Know about various SEO tools

# 2 Search Engine Marketing

  • Learn Basic Concepts on SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Introduction to PPC/Google Adwords
  • Adwords campaign launching and management
  • The process of creating a successful Adwords account for Google ppc.
  • Keyword selection for a successful Adwords campaign
  • Learn how to create performance reports in Adwords for clients

# 3 Social Media Marketing 

  • Basic Concepts Of Social Media Marketing
  • Reason For learning every aspect of Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Learn to create Business Page & Group on Facebook & how to promote it
  • Learn about Facebook Paid Ads
  • Find out how to boost up your Twitter & LinkedIn In Profile
  • Know the way to increase your Twitter Followers and Subscribers
  • Understand the process of building up a business with Google +
  • Learn how to recharge your page with several subscribers and promote it to capture leads

# 4  Google Analytics

  • Introducing Google Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Learn about data management
  • What are the useful social media goals and KPIs
  • What are the tools for Social Media Analytics

# 5 –  Online Reputation Management

  • Definition of ORM
  • Significance and Importance of Online Reputation Management
  • Practical live case studies
  • Get Introduced to ORM