World Population falling by 3.5 billion

By | 8 January, 2014

World Population is falling bringing hope for next generations

This is a hypothetical and approximate data based on few calculations that human productivity rate have gone down by 50% in current times which might reduce world population by 50% in the coming 50 – 100 years time. Check the data given below to support this view, but this is not based on any perfect data its all taken from the following video clip :

When Agriculture started Human’s thought
The world can support 1Cr Population
As the world grew older by 1800 AC World Achieved 1 Billion Population
By 1900 AC World Achieved 2 Billion Population
By 1950 AC Its 3 Billion
Then From 1950 AC till Now World has achieved 4 Billion Population
So, Now the total world population is counted at 7 Billion….
How much more the world can support???
But don’t worry scientists calculated the rate or human reproduction are coming down based on increasing life expectancy and decreased child per family.

It was 5 babies / family in 1963 and now 2.5 babies /family. It’s an average of highly populated countries like India. And even for Bangladesh its 2.2 babies/family/ This radical shift in thinking process generated from increased literacy, economic pressure, competition in society and increased life expectancy. These factors have contributed to lesser human productivity, which in terms leading to better and healthier society.

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