Will backlinks lose their importance in ranking?

By | 5 May, 2014

Will backlinks lose their importance

Content has been the core of the world wide web helping millions of pages reach to their target customers daily and generating billions of dollars of business around the world. But when we see through the eye’s of google it’s not exactly the content that plays the major role in bringing a link to the first page for your target keyword. Google gives a lot of value to the backlinks as well. The see it in various formats :


1. Internal site backlinks : Where backlinks within the website is built just like wikipedia to help every page of the website share the optimization value that other pages of the site carries.

2. Inbound one way backlinks : It’s highlighted by backlinks built through blog comments, article submission in other websites, forum profile building, social bookmarking etc…

3. Two way backlink : Here when you get a backlink for your website from some other website you also provide a backlink to that website, it’s generally happens for directory submissions and link sharing cases.

Now backlinks still play the major role in giving google the feedback which link is how good by following different separate set of rules that can be distinguished by backlink from high PR pages, high domain authority domains, high page authority pages, low OBL pages etc..

But this may soon change with continuous focus on content by Google. Google now focusing a lot on high quality content to optimize your website. They are gradually building their search algorithm in such a way that may in coming years we might be competing among websites just on the basis of quality of content than backlink or any other factor. Google will certainly give those websites more priority who have tirelessly built up a stack of high quality and very helpful content which not only explains about their service or products but also explains in detail about the same and about all related things to that product or service.

So, we can certainly say that future of SEO will be ruled by content and more better content. With related and informative article really helping the visitor.

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