Taking A Look At The Different Types Of Keywords

By | 16 April, 2016

Taking A Look At The Different Types Of Keywords

There are three types of keywords: head, body and tail.

Head keywords: These are single-word terms that have a lot of search volume. At the same time they tend to be very competitive. Great examples are: insurance, coffee, vitamins and many others.

Since these terms are broad, they don’t convert well. For example, a person searching for the term “Vitamins” maybe interested in vitamin A, Vitamin supplements, or any other Vitamin.

Body keywords: These are 2-3 word phrases that receive at least 2,000 searches a month. The good thing with these keywords is that they are more specific than the head keywords. Great examples include: white laptop, yellow flowers, car insurance and so on.

Long tail keywords: These are keywords that have more than four phrases. The most attractive thing about the keywords is that they are very specific. Great examples include: “vitamin supplements after workout” and “car insurance for students.”

While these terms don’t receive a lot of searches, they are very specific; therefore, they convert very well. Due to their high conversion, these are the terms that you should target as you not only have an easy time ranking for them, you also get to receive a lot of targeted traffic which greatly lowers your bounce rate.

Ways of getting long tail keywords

In addition to using the Google keyword planner, there are many other ways that you can get long tail keywords. Some of these ways include:

Forums: You should find a forum related to your site and then go through the threads. Forums thrive on questions and answers. By carefully reading the questions and answers, you will be able to identify some of the common terms used by people.

Bottom of a web page:  When you search for a given term, you should go to the bottom of the web page and you will see “Searches related to…” These are terms that people are using to find content or products related to your site.

Wikipedia: As you probably know, Wikipedia pages are created and edited by industry experts. To make it easy for you to find your content, they are usually organized into little categories.

To get long tail keywords using Wikipedia you should type a broad term on the site. You can search for a term such as “Yoga.” You should then take a look at the “contents” section and from the categories given you will have a large pool of long tail keywords to choose from.

Keyword research

Every good keyword begins with good research. To find the right terms you need to avoid making these mistakes:

Focusing on keywords used by your competitors: The online space is all about competition and it’s healthy to check once in awhile what your competitors are doing, but it’s totally absurd to try using the same keywords that they are using. Well, you can target the same keywords if you feel that you can outdo the competitor, but if your competitor is stronger than you, come up with your unique strategy and target different keywords.

Ignoring local keywords: if you own a local business, you should use location-specific keywords. If your business serves multiple locations, create a page for each of the locations and use keywords that are specific to the locations.

Using broad match keywords: broad match keywords are attractive as they have many searches, but they won’t add much to your SEO. Terms such as: tennis, tennis shoes, buy tennis shoes and others are broad and aren’t of much value.

To attract the right people to your site use exact-match keywords. Terms such as: red tennis shoes, size 10 tennis shoes and so on are great to focus on.

Investing a few hours in research: Even with all the necessary tools it’s impossible to undertake proper keyword research in just a few hours. When undertaking the research you need to remember that keywords are the backbone of your SEO campaign. To find the right keywords dedicate weeks or even months to it.

Ignoring conversion: The whole essence of running a website is to make money—unless you are in it for fun. To make money from you need to use keywords that people use when looking for products or services that you sell. If you sell tennis shoes on your site, use “buy red tennis shoes” instead of “red tennis shoes.”

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