Submit Eaze review, complain, performance

By | 20 October, 2013

Submit Eaze, a fake software

Hello, friends in the past few weeks I was testing few of the SEO software available in the market. Although I could not use them all today, I will write a review on SubmitEaze. It’s a fake Directory Submission software that not only took away my own $96 but as they claim they have 35000 customers. This software harms the website in which you will use.

On any refund call, you will receive a mail saying the seller is on holiday and can’t respond. I have proof of such emails. And will never refund your money.

I wished the software work for at least some percent of their demand, but nothing as that is available.

As we all know the internet is a beautiful medium providing opportunity and opening new horizons of business, many people and many countries have benefited from it. But we must always remember where it is good there will always be bad.

SubmitEaze is such a product which is made to harm its customers and sell fake software with false claims through Google Adwords and many other add programmes.

SubmitEaze had given adds earlier that their software can submit websites to 4500 other websites in one click and submit articles to 1500 article submission sites in one click through Google AdWords programme.

After I the software seeing Google ads I found it to be a fake software. Why is it fake we will see here in the following screenshots.

With it’s performance to changing technical factors, it’s suggested to avoid this software and follow real SEO Techniques such as following:

1. Correct your On Page and On Site problems.

2. Build a fast loading website with fast uptime for data response.

3. Develop content that speaks to you than building only backlinks.

4. Directory submission is entirely old technique, and it’s gone. If you still post some quality content in quality article directories, then you can get some positive result, but domain submission directories don’t give any proper effect.

5. Above all the software don’t work as they claim. Leave alone the expected result.

It’s the age of content and digital marketing. SEO is gradually losing the importance in ranking the pages or websites. Now if you still want to use old techniques to rank the pages then no result is going to come, I am assuring you on that, you may even face a website ban due to such wrong practices implemented on your site using SEO software which is complete against policies of Google and Bing.

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  1. Web Knowledge Free

    I don’t so think this kind of website has fake software. But your information will be help full to many people. It good to share in your blog.


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