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“SixthSense” is a wearable gesture interface made to augment the physical world around us. It tries to connect objects of physical world with the digital world. It also allows digital information and tools to be used in physical world with the required digital tools. It uses natural hand guestures to interact with digital information.

How this project started?

According to Mr. Pranav Mistry he first used computer mouse rollers to connect to the digital world. The mouse roller which actually transfers any the commands or informations inside computer/digital world is used in a different way by Mr. Pranav Mistry to connect to the digital world.
The aim is to bring a part of the physical world in the digital world. In the process he transfered normal sticky notes into a digital device to transfer message from physical world to digital world and simple hand moving device or tool that connects to the digital world and simulations can allow engineers create abstract designs that are difficult to create otherwise.

After that he started reversing the whole process and use the digital world inside physical world e.g. use a normal school wall to paint as amount of papers has finished in the school drawer for a student. He created the device in such a way which started giving all the features of a computer and phone in the physical world like for the purpose if you dont have your phone with you and you need to do a call, the device can create a keypad right on your palm so that you can dial and call.

This kep on developing as tracking weather live just from the picture in the news paper, know the flight status just by viewing the boarding ticket, create virtual football which can be used to play in physical world, this will help take digital world into your physical world and take your physical world to your digital world.

pranav has decided to bring to technology to the mass and let it benefit the world than be used by any company and earn benefits. He believes it can be modified by anyone according to his need and it costs very very less and affordable by anyone using a bit complex smart phone. So believe me it will be cost effective and matching your budget. As Pranav will make public his open source software used to make ‘SixthSense’. Deveoped by him and MIT.

Now while watching pranav giving the speach and studying about the ‘SixthSense’ project i understood one thing People dont need Google People need Information in the most easiest way they can get.

This made Google think and start building their own Sixth Sense type product which the call Google Glass. Read More about Google Glass here..

I am just explaining the words of Mr.Pranav Mistry, So i will always suggest you to check his website for original version or explanation of ‘SixthSense’


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