SEO Steps

By | 25 July, 2015

SEO Steps :

1. High Quality website article.

2. Good Blog with quality articles.

3. Proper on page optimization throughout the site.

4. Proper speed of every page below 3 seconds of loading time.

5. Standard page sharing features should be there in every page.

6. No unnecessary block in opening pages by javascript or high weight pictures.

7. Backlink from proper and high quality article in higher DA OR PA based websites.

8. Web 2.0 sites backlink such as,,

Referrence websites

9. Press Release submission but article should be written in proper objective english and
highlighting a proper cause that press need to spread.

10. Image sharing in image sharing sites like

Referrence websites

11. Profile based backlinks should not be over done or manipulated.

12. Proper comment threat based backlink from forums

13. Social Bookmarking backlinks on every url or target urls on domain and off the domain
from where we are getting backlinks.

14. Video Submission in multiple video sharing websites.

15. Using Social Media. We must build a proper social media profile of the site.

16. Then we should build unique social backlinks structure.

17. Using Google+ is very important as google uses it very frequently.

18. hashtag optimization in social media websites.

19. Article posting in places like linkedin, pulse and other similar forum or article
posting places from top domains.

20. Building own quality blog not as PBN ( Private Blog Network) but as a quality and rich
resource of information which if sometimes gives backlinks to few external domain that
might be owned by us will not harm our Optimization.

21. Building a 3 Tier Link Structure to get better result in optimization.

22. Building up internal link structure is also very important. This we can do by just
referring some of our other article or posting.

23. One high quality backlink can replace the power of thousands of meaningless backlinks. We must always be in a hunt to build our repertoire to gain access to more and more better quality websites to get better backlinks.

24. We must remember that focusing on only link building neglecting other requirements does not regarded as a proper optimization process.

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