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By | 15 October, 2012
As per your requirement we are listing few features of our SEO service that will take your business to the top of search engines, do follow them:
1. WordPress website template setting as per content.
2. Content for next 30 days ( one content / every day)
3. Listing of your website in more than 100 search engines.
4. listing your website in networks such as
5. Regular site development in all the required formats.
6. RSS creation with that News feed creation.
7. Submission of sitemap to all the search engines.
8. Regular updation of sitemap according to content.
9. On page optimization.
10. Limited Off page optimization.
11. Limited Link Building.
12. Site health checkup and monitoring.
13. doing content wise keywords study and site’s base keywords study.
14. Will provide you base keywords on which site will hover according to content based keywords.
15. Connecting contents to search engines crawler in the best way.
These are tasks we will be doing for you. Have a question do get back to us and follow few articles that we have written for our readers on seo
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