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By | 23 September, 2014

With the growing demand of SEO there has been increasing demand for various online SEO analysis tools. Many  leading SEO companies are also using these tools to prepare a free SEO analysis report on website as part of their way of working while entering into any new work contract with any new client. These SEO tools online has gained massive popularity among both webmasters and as well as among the SEO professionals too. Therefore, by keeping in mind all these stuffs we are going to throw some light regarding few leading SEO analysis tool that are available in the online community.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is one of the leading online SEO analysis tool that you can easily install on your desktop that spiders website’s links, CSS, images, and apps from an SEO perspective. It fetches all the key on page elements of a site, then presents them in a separate tab by differentiating them by category Thus, in this manner it allows you to filter for all common issues relating to SEO. It quickly analysis, audit and review a website from the angle of On Page SEO and thus regarded as one of the best SEO analysis tools.

Majestic SEO

The Majestic SEO is an another premier SEO Analysis tool available online that let you see and go through the facts that which sites are currently linking to your competitors website. Therefore, in this manner it allows you to determine both how difficult will be for you to beat your competition and it also allows you to discover all new Backlinking databases that gives you an opportunity to submit and promote your website link.


It is one of the leading link building tools for enhancing your SEO campaign. Website’s SEO becomes easier with this SEO analysis tool as its backlink feature offers all kinds of detailed information regarding the number of  inbound links a site possesses. Further, it also states on ALR ratings of each link. This tool lets you to speedily prioritize link prediction ensuring better results on your SEO campaigns.


Well, MOZ Pro is not about mere link building, but it is a complete SEO management website that lets users enjoy the advantages of its industry based knowledge regarding the On-Page SEO, link building techniques and the social media marketing. MOZ is recognized globally as one of the best and the most reliable online SEO analysis tool. So at $149/month you will be getting all kinds of detailed information regarding the current position and condition of the website as per SEO requirements. Therefore, in one word Moz Pro helps you in overall boosting-up of your website’s SEO.

IBusiness Promoter

It is the other premium SEO analysis tool that helps in every way in boosting the overall SEO campaign of your site. It provides a better ranking to your website in a short period and to add more salt. Well,  business allows you to hold a total SEO solution all at one go within a single click of a button.


Web CEO is regarded as one of the leading online tool for your link building process which can help you in creating better rankings of your website in Google. Well, to add more it also offers a thorough guide in preparing a better link building for your website.

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