Recent Changes of FTP Login

By | 20 December, 2014

For All Customers of Extensive Ideas it’s requested to follow the following steps to login to their website via FTP Client software. Due to the server migration and up gradation in hosting infrastructure few changes are implemented and need to be used by all of our clients for any future login. For IP and Port of access it’s generally not required still on direct communication via email we will inform you the IP details of your hosting account with us.

In order to connect FTP, you will have to use FTPES as mentioned in below steps,

Host : IP Address
Port : 21
Protocol: FTP protocol
Encryption: FTP over explicit TLS/SSL
LogonType : Normal
UserName : Correct Username
Password : Correct Password

FTP Client (FileZilla) Configuration

1. If you are using the QuickConnect option,
Please use these credentials:
Host: ftpes://<IP Address> / <domain name>
Username: <FTP Username>
Password: <FTP Password>
Port: 21
Click on Quickconnect button.

2. If you are using Site Manager,
Open FileZilla > Goto File > Site Manager
Select New Site.
Mention the following details in the General Tab:
Host : <IP Address>
Port : 21
Protocol: FTP protocol
Encryption: Require explicit FTP over TLS/SSL
LogonType : Normal
Username: <FTP Username>
Password: <FTP Password>

Click on the Connect button.

Host : ftpes://
username :

password : as given

port : 21


Or you can try this technique : file zilla

2. From files go to site manager

3. Host :

4. Protocol : FTP – File Transfer Protocol

5. Require explicit FTP over TLS

6. Logon Type : Normal

7. User : userid

8. Password : password

9. Port : 21

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