Mobile responsive website designing and its need

By | 21 April, 2015

Mobile responsive website designing and its need

Google is changing as it is now getting 60% Traffic from mobile handheld devices. Google will no longer allow sites which are not responsive to appear on its results page for its customers. It will check following things:

1. Responsiveness at the page level.
2. CSS and JavaScript need to be mobile friendly.
3. There will be a new Google index for mobiles.

What one should not expect?
1. Responsive website design doesn’t help in site’s optimisation.
2. It helps users to read content in a better way, so Google will remove site’s that are not responsive.
3. The standard method of SEO, SMO will continue rain as the main force behind site’s optimisation.

You can check whether your site meets google’s mobile friendly requirement here:

Here is What Google exactly wants you to do:

To learn Google’s full recommendation, Click Here.

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This is how Google’s search result will look in some time and will stay for few months:

google mobile responsive search result

We have seen many of our fellow web admins working hard to convert their website into sensitive structure even if they have a mobile friendly version at To remind them it is not needed for them. They can just place proper canonical pointing to the main site. It stops duplicate content issue. Gradually as the entire website converted into the mobile responsive structure, separate version should be removed.

Building responsive website is not difficult anymore. With thousands of high-quality designs already available from template sellers and millions of designers waiting world wide just for your work, it is no more a problem. Responsive website designing comes with the additional benefit of long-term benefit of responsiveness that gives you client friendly site and brings maximum out of your promotion through SEO, SMO and PPC.

Also if you keep a separate mobile version, you will have to optimize two different URL. One that is and another the usual Many websites are facing funding problem due to this issue. It is always better to have one unified site with the responsive structure as it reduces double expense.


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