mobile application development in kolkata

By | 13 December, 2013

Mobile application development in kolkata

METTLETECH have good expertise in developing mobile applications for Android and IOS.

With ever growing demand for mobile device applications, METTLETECH have a dedicated team to develop IOS and Android applications.Based on the requirements from the client we develop high quality applications and deliver the products on time to the clients. METTLETECH have started our Android application development from Android 1.0 itself and now we have reached to latest Android 4.2 .We have developed high quality android applications using JNI interfaces. They are also developing both iPhone and iPad applications those are compatible on updated IOS versions. Their  applications works on IOS5 to latest IOS7.


  1. Deliver in time to market products.
  2. Deliver high quality mobile applications.
  3. Check in the code to CVS repository for clients to refer.
  4. Planning to develop augmented reality application in both Android and iPhones.

Why choose METTLETECH?

Mobile has become the future of world and Mettletech offers apps development services to cater to increasing demand of mobile applications.We offers you the best Android and IOS applications with great ideas and high class compatibility with ever growing updated versions. Mettletech has developed mobile technical capabilities through acquisition in addition to internal skills development.

Android development :

Android, the world’s most popular mobile platform, is a Linux based mobile operating system developed by the Open Handset Alliance led by Google. Android powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices in more than 190 countries around the world. It’s the largest installed base of any mobile platform and growing fast—every day another million users power up their Android devices for the first time and start looking for apps, games, and other digital content. Android gives you a world-class platform for creating apps and games for Android users everywhere, as well as an open marketplace for distributing to them instantly.

Contact MettleTech at :
1. mobile application development in kolkata : R-48, B.P.Township, Patuli Kolkata – 700094,
Ph: 033 40705047,

2. mobile application development in usa : R-48, B.P.Township, Patuli Kolkata – 700094, Ph:
033 40705047,

3. mobile application development in uk : R-48, B.P.Township, Patuli Kolkata – 700094, Ph: 033

4. mobile application development in india : R-48, B.P.Township, Patuli Kolkata – 700094, Ph:
033 40705047,

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