how to do link building

By | 23 February, 2015

The following tips will help you if you are really serious about knowing how to do link building.

1. Guest Article Posting: Here you need guest author access in good quality website (possibly a website of your niche), for that you will have to submit article to them first and get a guest account verified and then you can post articles strictly according to their rules of article structure.

2. Press Release Submission : Press release or news releases are a great way to attract people to your site. If you are announcing something really worthwhile, there is a good possibility that the news will be published or at least have a mention in in high quality websites.  Many free PR websites are there where you can publish your release but for additional exposures you can also spare some $ and achieve a greater reach.

3. Article Directory Submission :  Wikipedia defined an article directory as a website with collections of articles written about different subjects. Ezine, hubpage are few examples of good article submission directory.

4. Document Submission : Submitting documents such as a pdf or PPT documents in high quality file sharing websites will also help you building good links.

5. Social Bookmarking – Don’t forget to share your links on facebook, google+, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, delicious, stumbleupon, reddit etc.

6. Blog Comment Posting: Although most of the websites doesn’t allow links in their comments but if you really have some interesting information to share they might give you the privilege to post your comments with your links. Hence, always look for blogs related to your niche. Help their articles to shine more with your valuable additions by means of a simple comment.

7. Using SEO softwares intelligently: You can analyze your competitors backlinks by using several SEO softwares. You just have to try replicating their methods and sources of backlinks.

8. Video submission in different video sites: Video SEO is in much demand now. Posting promotional videos with links of your site in the description is also a good way to build backlinks.

9. wiki submission

10. forum based profile backlinks: Create a profile in forums and make sure to leave a link to your website in your bio. Also help other forum members with your valuable suggestions and not to mention your link. 😉

11. forum based content backlinks: Create forum contents with links to your websites.

12. Normal social sharing: Sharing is caring! Follow this motto yourself and also let your visitors also follow it by placing sharing buttons throughout your website.

13. Groups sharing : Start sharing on groups such as yahoo groups, google groups. These high authority groups has the power to pull up your site higher than ever.

14. Creating Question on question sites : Sites like yahoo answers & Quora attracts people who are looking for solutions. You can always help those fellows and direct them to  your website. You can also start a thread yourself and gradually start  promoting your links.

15. Link Building Websites: You can use sites like Fiverr or Linkmarket to grow quality links with very less investment. Although we only encourage organic link building but you may use these websites if you are running on a tight schedule.


That’s all folks. If you want to be an expert in building links you may consult the best digital marketing training institute in kolkata.

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