Latest Android 4.1x Jelly Bean

By | 7 September, 2012

Latest Android 4.1x Jelly Bean developed on Linux kernel 3.1.10 is an incremental update to its Android 4.0 version. To improve performance, better solutions to complex situations and to be able to compete with other competing platform its released. Its the prove that OS developer Google is constantly working to improve Android experience. And the development is fast and catching up with the expectations of the maass.

As by 2011 Android was the leader in smartphone market with a share of 59% and with its online store Google Play its contributing in a large scale to many organisations and individual developers and its users afterall to bring better experience and better functionality of its product.

Android basically started as any other Open Source Project (AOSP) by Google with the Open Handset Alliance with a consortium of 86 hardware, software and telecommunication companies for advance development of open source operating system and application to benefit majority of mobile and other technigal gadget users and developers. So, what exactly it offers are given below:


1. Fast & smooth user interface-

a. Vsync timing across all drawing and animation.

b. Application rendering.

c. Touch events.

d. Screen Composition and

e. Display refresh

2. Tripple Buffering for Graphical functions.

3. Accessibility functions improved a lot.

4. Text and Language support is now Bi-directional.

5. Keyboard is now customizable or User installable keyboard map. It has 27 international keyboard maps and users can custom change them by going to settings and select on or more keymaps. Using Ctrl+Space users can also switch between multiple keyboard maps. Intelligent Keyboard perhaps is the most important function in this version.

6. Pinch and swipe functions improved to provide better visual and graphical display of apps so that better and higher end apps can be developed in future for more complex functions.

7. The notifications on apps are now expanded with the users given the ability to turn off and on the app notifications. This can be done without switching  to the app rather from notification pane itself if your are working on a separate app or separate function.

8. Its becoming more and more cool with shortcuts and widgets can now be arranged and resized according to users choice by user. This is expected to give better gaming experience.

9. Bluetooth data transfer function enabled for Android Beam.

10. Voice dictation one of the magestic functions of any mobile or other gadget has been bought to the offline version in android 4.1.

11. Smaller Screen adjustability will now give manufacturers scope to produce small screen mobile sets with android with increase functionality. This increases the scope of business and will provide users better and more options even in small screen phones.

12. Voice search is improved for better navigation inside the phone and even while working on internet.

13. Camera application is improved. This is a prime area as in future, photography and related picture transactions will change our every day working. So android has started working on its image enhancement as well and we are bound to see major developments in this area providing many options that will help and change our day to day activity. Contact photo size is increased to 720×720 pixels.

14. For Nexus 7 Google Wallet is made available.

15. Google is focusing a lot on online trasactions of images from world wide network of camera holders to photographers. So and such other platforms are now being further developed. To allow users to use this network of images the “High resolution google contact photo option is added in this version.

16. Audio is now multichannel. Its a good change. Knowledge search option with audio inputs in google will certainly help its users in this version.

17. External audio support is also enhanced with USB audio funcitons being worked with and added in this version .

18. Changing audio also seemed to be difficult so that also added or enhanced.

At last Google is releasing features that are very essential and needed for proper growth of an OS. It will certainly put lot of thoughts in its competitors mind as to how to compete google.

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