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By | 27 September, 2012

WordPress an amazing and beautiful platform that gives millions to create a place for themselves online in the form of a wordpress based website. Neither you need the help of a developer nor you yourself need any technical help. Just few click and your wordpress installation is ready.

You can use wordpress for many purpose and also gets thousands of ready applications to help your website grow more and get the works done faster and more efficiently.

In the same process wordpress comes in two formats

A. – This is a installable script on your own hosting and
B. – This is a platform run by wordpress on its own cloud.

The applications available for both are sometime same and sometime different. But recently WordPress has made Jetpack available for self-hosted wordpress installations. It brings the power of cloud hosting to you even if your website is hosted on a shared hosting. So what it provides that makes it so unique?

1. Website stats – It comes with a Popular, easy to understand and clear and attractive interface.

2. Website comments – It allows comments from social networking accounts and now its possible to comment on your website without registering.

3. Website Subscribe – A feedburner type of instrument through which one can subscribe to the feeds of your website. Website owner can even see how many people has subsribed to your website from Dash board -> Slite Stats – > At the down on left its visible.

4. Website picture gallary with Carousel – Like in Facebook now your visitors will also get a full screen photo browsing experience with comments options.

5. Website Sharing made easy

To use it to its full strength one needs a compulsory site with which he/she will have to synchronise the plugin to use the strengths of

Like these there are many other interesting features will give you a superb experience. But while using it on different hostings i recieved error as servers were not configured according to the plugins requirement.

So, I would suggest you to check the plugin and then install. If its not serving your purpose you can deactivate and then uninstall. You should also check the site speed after jetpack installation. As any heavy plugin would reduce your site’s loading speed if your website is hosted on a shared hosting platform.

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