iPhone 5 unknown facts

By | 14 September, 2012

iPhone 5 unknown facts will thrill you, they are as follows:

1.Screen size of Iphone 5 is 4-inch. Is this a problem you think? For buyers its not. For developers its taking away their sleep as theier apps were made for a smaller screen of previous iphone’s. Even Official iOS simulator gives a old 3.5-inch display. This takes developers no where. Developers dont have a way to test their apps. They dont even have a way to rectify or adjust their apps to the new screen size. So its taking many developers sleep. As clients fails to understand what is causing trouble in most of the conditions.

2. Working for iphone is tough because developers never have a product to test before its launch and this time also they are facing tough challenges.

3. Electronic Arts seems to be the only priviledged company as apple gave them early access to iphone 5 device so that they can test and showcase their upcoming Real Racing 3 game for iOS.

4. As per J.P.Morgan iphone 5 will make Apple smartphone leader again.

5. Pre-launch orders for iphone 5 proves the same statement.

6. People were thinking and talk was on in the market that this time apple will come out with good gift for its buyers i.e. 30-pin Adapter for connecting 30-pin accessories to devices featuring the Lightning connector. This happened because on Apple’s U.K. iPhone 5 order page mentions “your phone includes a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter for connecting 30- pin accessories to devices featuring the Lightning connector.” After this Apple has released a statement that there is no such free gift is available.

7. Even before iphone 5 is launched Apple’s shares touches $700 threshold.

8. After a long wait for apple users and a old thing for Android users 4G LTE Connectivity will be introduced in iphone 5.

So, what are the features that will rock iphone 5?

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