How to take Google Adwords, Analytics and Bing Exam Successfully

By | 4 June, 2015

The exams google currently offering through its Certified Partner Stry Programme are :

Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam

Google Search Advertising Advanced Exam

Google Display Advertising Advanced Exam

Google Video Advertising Exam

Google Shopping Advanced Exam and

Google Analytics certification (GAIQ) :

Here are few resources for analytics exam’s study :

Adwords Fundamentals Exam 2015. Live Exam, Use For Training & Practice Questions.

Study Material for the Analytics exam :

Video Study Material for the Analytics exam :

Youtube Channel For Google Exams

Although all videos are given in this channel but we will give you all related videos

Google Analytics for Agencies :

How to Start your Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) Exam ?

Join as an agency at Google Partners

1. Accept the terms and conditions

2. Fill up the form.

3. Log in using any gmail id.

4. As you are redirected to the partners internal you will be asked to join the MCC

5. Just below that you will see Certification section and there you can appear in adwords
or adsense exam.

How to be AdWords Certified ?

The AdWords exams cover basic and advanced advertising concepts, including campaign set up, management, and optimization. To become AdWords certified, you’ll need to pass the AdWords Fundamentals exam and one of the other AdWords exams. You can demonstrate your expertise and help your company earn the Google Partner badge with an AdWords certification.

It has Five Parts and you will need to pass 2 exams including one compulsory exam Adwords Fundamentals. The parts are :

1. AdWords Fundamentals (Compulsory)

2. Search Advertising (Optional)

3. Display Advertising (Optional)

4. Video Advertising (Optional)

5. Shopping Advertising (Optional)

A minimum of 80% passing score is needed with number of questions varrying from 63 to 100 and time varrying from 90 minutes to 120 minutes. Here are the resource materials you will need to practice for the adwords exams. What you’ll learn in this module ? AdWords Fundamentals: Exam Study Guide .

Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam Practice Test (With Answers) :

Bing Exams Details :

Bing offers only one exam and all the details of the exam are given here.

You may login to the exam panel using any hotmail or outlook or livemail id using this url.

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