How to prevent cyber bullying on facebook

By | 3 July, 2012

How facebook and cyber world can harm you to even death, steps to prevent it

What can cause your or anyone’s harm through facebook or other cyber mediums. Victim may be your loved kids or anyone who is very important for us. It is called Cyber Bullying. Now talking about the cyber bullying i would first like to explain the meaning of it.

Cyber Bullying –

Meaning :

1. If we speak in legal words it will mean the actions performed by an individual or group using information and communication technologies to deliberately and repeatedly create hostile activities to harm an individual or a group.

2. Using internet and mobile technologies such as social networking sites and messenger applications in mobiles connected to internet or not cause harm to an individual or a group.

3. Using Internet or SMS service spread wrong social message and thus create disharmony leading to riot or other dangerous situations.

4. It works by communications that intimidate, control, manipulate, put down, falsely discredit or humiliate the recipient these target to harm or embarrass publicly.

5. Cyber bullying can be done  by a known person or group or a stranger as well. Here comes the role of social networking websites. In these websites pictures and other personal contents of people stay on public view and they can be manipulated to use against that person that can cause any level of harm and can also lead to death in extreme circumstances or other group fights leading to many injuries or deaths causing grave social situation.

6. This can completely destroy your social image and by doing that destroy your career and life as well.

7. This can create deep family problems and leading to breakups and divorces in families.

8. Cyberbullying work is used for online bullying among children and Cyberstalking replace the word cyber bullying for adults.

Many countries have worked and many are now in the process of creating legislations to stop cyber bullying. There are many organisations who are helping one is BACK OF BULLY like that there are many others if you do google on these words you will get help. I remember in the days of Orkut Film Star John Abraham had to delete his orkut account due to this problem. There are many instances around the world where celebrities are attacked, governments are attacked and political parties are attacked. Any one can be victim, so everyone should maintain few security steps while dealing with online matters, working on social networking sites and also transacting emails. Creating sms groups or reading and sending replies to unknown sms. Be careful, be alert and you are most probably safe against. So, now lets talk of the safety measures you need to take.

Steps To Be Safeguarded :

  1. Role of parents for children is something that defines not only their future but national future as well . As children’s  are our countries future.
  2. Kids should be able to trust their parents to disclose the cyber bullying problem as it involves shame and fear in many cases which kids don’t like to share with parents.
  3. Kids should be clearly trained and told of these problems by parents so if they face it they can react in time and take steps to stay safe.
  4. Parents constant support and listening to problems of kids is very important.  A few words like ignore them, i am with you, i will beat them they give the kids self confidence and empower them to face the problem and eventually solve it with parental and other social mediums of help.
  5. Schools should be vigilant on these issues through class teachers and class leaders. Counsellors in schools play an important role in these issues, so they should be updated about these problems and ways to tackle these problems as well.
  6. Paediatrician and family counsellors also play an important role to help in these situations.
  7. Prompt legal step informing police and legal mechanism in right time helps. Wired Safety is an organisation who can be of help. They finds the cyberbully offline and evaluate case without any charge. They will guide and help you how to find all the traces of online bullying.
  8. Spector Soft is a internet monitoring software that can detect all your online imprints and even delete them and store them in their database. These will be saved with complete tracking details like IP  address and other details for law enforcement agencies.

Cyberstalking :

In case of Adults the problems are much more if any one attacks online called Cyberstalking.

What actually happens:

  1. It holds lot of similarity with cyberbullying.
  2. Many take part in destroying your image. Done in secret with a wrong or hidden profile of bully sending anonymous messages to many.
  3. Difficult to remove and track. Life becomes difficult if you stay online for the maximum time.
  4. Manipulated photo’s can cause life threatening situations which is easily accessible through google and other searches by your names search.
  5. Many people receiving ugly sms against you can also cause grave harm to you.
  6. Social networks playing just the right place for sharing ugly pictures and messages against you. Can become viral through sharing options and reach to millions in no moment causing grave and instant harm to you.


What you will feel :

  1. Feeling of guilt, hopelessness and stuck like you cant get out of this web of malicious attack on you.
  2. Feeling alone and start thinking you are no more a cool person to fit in with others.
  3. Depression sets in a this may lead to solitary confinement, addiction and destruction of a happy life.
  1. Dont share your passwords, name, address, phone numbers with people whom you don’t know.
  2. Maintain control in sharing your picture or other pictures in your account
  3. Don’t reply to messages in anger or when you are hurt. This will encourage them to be more harmful.
  4. Log Out if you are harassed too much.
  5. Remove harmful people from your account.
  6. Remove yourself from harmful groups.
  7. Inform Facebook admin or other website’s admin of the person causing harm to you.
  8. Never delete harmful postings and messages sent by other person. Keep a record of it.
  9. Follow facebook security to secure your accounts privacy level.
  10. Follow Cyber Bullying News Also this site .
  11. Set an example and discourage your friends from bullying others.
  12. Community awareness is important so holding assembly and sharing tips on it helps.
  13. Contact your Internet Service Provider to block cyberbullies.
  14. Speak to teachers, seniors and experts.
  15. Parents should set guidelines for kids for internet activities. And monitor their activities in hiding.
  16. Discourage kids from retaliating if they face bullying online.
  17. Keep computers in high-traffic areas in house, so it stays under constant monitoring.


I have listed all possible steps to protect you, your children and your family but still there can be other steps i have missed so do put in with your views and recommendations, i love them. Mail me at


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