how to operate windows 8

By | 28 June, 2012

how to operate windows 8

First Download and Install Windows as per windows required system Just check out this article for startup problems

A. Logon screen

If your default account for logon has a password then you will get a screen looking beautiful but will give you no hint as to how to login. So what’s next :

1. For a touch screen monitor tap the screen.

2. For keyboard entry hit space bar.

3. For mouse mode of entry scroll the mouse scroll wheel or click.Now you have your login scrren.

B. Windows 8 is basically made for touch screen devices like a Tablet PC. So when you use it on a regular PC you will get a different feel while using mouse wheel. As you see the screen prior to login use your home or end key on keyboard to go to the begining and go the end. This screen is named Metro screen by Windows and you can come to it by hitting windows key. Here also you get option to pin and unpin applications from Metro screen by right click of mouse or dragging them also work. Here you can also create groups of applications for your mailing work, documentary work or internet related work by putting applications in groups.



C. Start Menu :

1. Swipe across the screen if you have a touch screen monitor.

2. Move mouse to left corner of the screen now right click or hold Windows Key and press X. It will give you a menu in text format. This will give you access to Device manager, Control Panel,Explorer, Search dialog and more

3. Here you dont get restart and shut down button that you will learn how to create in my following blog.

D.Get All Programs Applications

1. Hold Windows key and press Q

2. Right click on empty space on left bottom corner select All Apps and get your application.

E. How to get apps that are used in most of the times easily

1. Right click on the application and pin it to start screen.

F. Shut down and Restart options

1. Go to bottom right corner -> Click on Settings -> Hold Windows key and press I -> you get Shut down of Restart button

2. Use Ctrl + Alt + Del function

3. Use Alt + F4



G. See what applications are running currently

1. Use Alt + Tab function shows the applications running now.

2. Use Windows Key + Tab function display panes one after one.

3. Use Ctrl + Shift + Esc starts Task Manager that lets you to see all the apps at once.



H. HOw to close an application

1. Windows 8 way says take the cursor to top of the screen, hold and drag down the screen to shrink

it and drag out of the screen to close it.

2. Use Alt + F4 function

3. Use Ctrl + Shift + Esc function


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