How to install ubuntu and use it with windows

By | 3 April, 2012

How to install ubuntu and use it with windows

Ubuntu installation is a bit different from windows and other operating systems. I have been using Windows from last 10 odd years but off late I realised the OS has become very slow and is unstable. It takes lot of time to start unlike ubuntu which starts  up very fast and has great UI ( User Interface ). Since the time I have installed ubuntu I am not disappointed as there are various supporting apps which makes sure theres nothing much you will miss on ubuntu unless you are a designer who have to use softawares like photoshop. So if you wish to have a feel of ubuntu OS install it in your drive ( 4GB is the requirement ) along with windows and you will love the fast stable OS.

You might be intrested to read why you should use ubuntu OS

Here’s how to install Ubuntu on your PC/Laptop. Its quick and easy and requires not of much technical knowledge  if you can follow instructions 🙂

Though the ubuntu website  explains very clearly all the steps to download ubuntu heres a jargon free set-up guide to help you all with OS

Download ubuntu from this link version 11.10 ( click here to install)

Once you have downloaded ubuntu install  powerISO to mount it on a drive ( click here to install)

Now while your are setting up powerISO  it will ask for system reboot

After reboot it will auto play and you will see this

Click on Install under windows ( highlighted )

 Now select the drive where you want to install ubuntu. It will not format the drive    and will occupy little space thats all.

 Next is choose how much space you want to allocate. If you have enough space left   anything above 10GB as you are going to really like ubuntu ( I gave it 80 GB on one my drives )

 Evironment – ubuntu

 Language – Chose your language

 Username/Password – You can choose any username password of your choice

Click on install. It will copy all files from mounted drive you created using powerISO

After installation is complete it will ask for rebooting computer.

Reboot and you are done.

I installed ubuntu on my Dell and had issues with my wi-fi settings. Dont panic, go to settings and enable drivers that should help.

Its a very simple installation process but if you still face any problem let us know at extensive ideas.

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