How to Increase Page Rank of your website

By | 10 December, 2012

Most blogs make use of the following layout for his or her home pages and also the archives. There’s the title from the publish, a brief excerpt (description) along with a “read more” link that points fully article. Some blogs could also give a featured image close to the post’s excerpt.

A typical layout for blogs

There’s one little trouble with the above mentioned layout though – it wastes your Google PageRank and therefore might not be probably the most optimal layout so far as Search engine optimization is worried.

Allow me to try explaining it in simple British.

Your blog’s home page includes a finite quantity of Google PageRank that’s equally distributed of all the hyperlinks which exist on that page. Thus, should you put 10 links on the web site whose PageRank is 5, all of individuals links is passed .5 PageRank. Should you decrease the amount of links from 10 to five, each one of the links is going to be granted having a PageRank of just one.

Within the above example, there are 2-3 links per publish around the home page – the publish title (1), the featured image (2) and also the “read more” link (3). If you’re able to have just create one link in the webpage towards the inner publish page, the linked page can get more PageRank which might benefit them in search ratings.

How? A potential solution is you eliminate the “read more” link around the blog home page (and archive pages) and rather use a different CSS style towards the publish game titles to ensure that they instantly appear as links – use a different font family, boost the font size and perhaps use a different color (like some shade of dark blue).

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