How to increase Adwords Quality Score

By | 31 May, 2015

As we are in an age of online advertising it is not difficult to avoid PPC. There are many requirements of Pay Per Click advertisements. Although Search Engine Optimization has helped many companies to reduce their PPC cost but to completely avoid it is not possible. So, we need to think of ways which will reduce our PPC budget.

Few of the things we need to do for reducing our PPC budget :

1. Start Search Engine Optimization.

2. Build proper content structure in your website and be like a news website, so google itself highlight your website.

3. Start Social Media Optimization process.

4. Build a proper video visibility across the web through different video sharing websites.

5. Build a quality YouTube optimization plan.

6. Use other top websites  to get traffic for your website. This you can do by submitting quality and educational articles in other quality website’s.

7. Build a blog and work on it. You need to understand your blog can be a good source of traffic. With that it will also build your reputation and increase visibility in search engine and social media.

10. Along with it a strong image optimization with regular input of interactive images helps a company get its visibility in google images as well. We must understand we get traffic from google images as well.

11. Get a fast website. It’s better not have a website if you can not speed up your website.

12. Create a well planned strategy to reduce your ppc cost in google and social media. For google you can use the quality score as a factor to pay less. Here we are discussing how we can reduce the quality score google adds.

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Google Add Quality Score

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How to increase Adwords Quality Score :

1. Build a Good Privacy Policy page and highlight that on Top of the page.

2. Have a Contact page with contact form, map and Clearly visible phone number and map integration further helps.

3. Clearly visible Phone number on the Landing Page.

4. Landing page must have a contact form and it should have clear definition of the service that you are selling.

5. Have Keyword in URL of the landing page.

6. Have a H1 tag in your landing page with the keyword.

7. Keep only one keyword for one ad.

8. The heading of the ad must have the keyword and body must relate to it.

9. Must have a fast page loading in 2-3 seconds.

10. The page where you are taking the user must get some value. For the same you need to keep educational content on the topic. Like explaining the item or subject or topic in detail. So user can understand where they have come? and What is the use of it?

11. Reduce bounce rate.

12. You may also keep a video explaining your product with the textual explanation. Although this is not mandatory.

13. Here is a good quality score tracker

AdWords Quality Score Tracker Version 2.0 – Now with Labels


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