how to choose a web hosting provider

By | 29 August, 2012

Web Hosting defined in simple words

Types of Hosting:

  1. Shared hosting.
  2. VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  3. Dedicated hosting.
  4. Cloud hosting (Its basically different server installations with different IP and power sources are connected together or these can have single power source with multiple ip’s and multiple servers.)

Windows Hosting Vs Linux Hosting:

Now these hosting are provided from servers that can be managed from Windows based infrastructure and Linux based infrastructure. There are other infrastructures available but we are not discussing about them in this article. As Windows is not free source it is more costly than the free source infrastructure of Linux.

Cloud hosting as shared hosting:

Few company’s sell Cloud hosting as shared hosting plans as well providing better service to the client.

Internet Vs Intranet:

Understanding Hosting is easy when you see to it a  place where you put some files that are seen around world through internet or other networked installations or mediums like intranet/private LAN, CAN, WAN in  a definite way like a web page or like an online application or as the functions are defined to give the required interface. But they certainly have a viewable end its not only codes that we see. This can also be because of the different technologies and languages that were developed for computers and human interaction in web designing like html, php, etc..

Now Coming to the main question of hosting, lets discuss it in small case study type of formats we will take Extensive Ideas as an example in many cases and others as well in following articles.

Steps to follow before purchasing Web Hosting:

First Step: Decide what we need to show others online.

Second Step: Decide which technology or language we will use to build this online presence. With different hosting requirements of future that can come up. Whether we need a dynamic place which will always need to update with a readily available platform or custom designing is needed. Create a plan/structure of hosting requirements for next one to three years.

Third Step: Decide on the budget that we need to build the presence. Restructuring the Second Stage.

Fourth Step: Based on the above decisions start a study of the hosting options available from different companies. With detail price and technology based study deciding on which plan to start with from which company. Best option with least as far as possible minimum expense should be chosen from a reliable company which have every other alternate options of hosting and which will not shut the doors for you and ask you to leave if your web plan grows. With robust support system and among top hosting providers with experience to handle different types of problem.

Fifth Step: Special thought on Creating a Separate Place within the existing hosting providers infrastructure or out side the existing hosting providers infrastructure for Backups. Backups can be of different type and that we have to keep in mind which company is able to provide reliable place for Backups.

Sixth Step: Creating an in-house setup where Backups can be kept for emergency purposes.

Hosting of any web based business plan require more focus, maintenance and optimization of web structures/ websites/ online applications with regularly increasing hosting requirements. As websites or online applications based on huge databases or even small databases tend to slow down as time goes on and visitors keep increasing. But simple websites / Static websites used just for a web face of a company don’t need that much focus and maintenance and can easily run on simple shared servers for years after years.

So, When we start the planning for any website for any company we should calculated the amount of spending possible and amount growth that can take place in the company in next 6 months to 5 years. This gives an approximate idea on suggesting the correct web plan. As sometimes one might think a simple static website of 10 pages will be enough for a company but within next 6 months it grows so much that it requires another restructuring of the entire website. This sometimes amounts to loss as well. And even over expenditure is also not suggested. So proper planning can provide you a good website or web based plan that can take your company to millions.


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