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By | 29 September, 2012

Today we will learn about Guest blog posting. It can be in your website/blog and even by you in other blogs. This helps both writer and the concerned website to boost each others valuation and rank. So what are the points we need to follow:

1. Guest blog post for SEO is very important but why?

i) It connects you to others.
ii) Others can connect to you.
iii) It increases social exchange.
iv) It is harmless if done properly.
v) If monitored properly this can give you good publicity as a guest blog holding site
vi) If written properly in good sites you can get good publicity as a writer.
vii) Increase Page Rank and Site Authorship

2. Steps to find guest bloggins sites.

There are many ways to find sites where you can write. Including Normal Google Search and blog search. Few things you should check :
a. Page Rank
b. Alexa Rank
c. Site Readers in Google Reader. How many people have
subscribed to its feed is very important.
d. Site’s existing Contents whether they are of any quality or not.
e. Current writers for the site and their profile.
f. How old the site is and how well is it managed.
g. How long the site will survive, this is an approximate calculation
that you will have to do by seeing the site’s design, loading speed, quality of content,        regularity in content posting from the  site owner etc.

3. How to find blogging sites to write for them.

Use Following tools go reach to your blog :
i) Google Blog search –
ii) Extensive Ideas Blog Directory list and top blog site list will guide you to sites where you can write. Follows these links:
1. Guest posting sites for seo
2. Best Blog Directories to submit your blog
iii) Blog directories these are the source of blogs that exist and you will have to create a good database your own use.
iv) To build it you will have to talk to every such blogging site’s owner or team to allow you to write for them.
v) If the site which you are trying to write for is a renowned site they wont just allow you to write for them. That is because they have come to this stage just because of quality content provided regularly. They don’t know you or your writing skills.
vi) So for this type of problem create a profile for you by creating own blog at a free platform for content syndication.
vii) Here you can even start your own site with your own domain name and get some publicity and build your own profile which you can later use to showcase your strengths.

4. Few more ways to get blogging sites.

i) Get the directories by putting these keywords in google.
ii) Guest blog, guest auther, in url blog, guest post, guest contributor, guest posting guidelines, guest authoring guidelines, guest bloggin guidelines. Few best blog directories
1. blogher
2. My Blog Guest
3. Technorati
4. Alltop

5. What to avoid among blogging sites and while posting your content or getting

     content from guest posters.

i) Sites that are spammy, manipulative, low quality, and junky.
ii) Contents that are low quality.
iii) Bloggers who are mostly doing spam posts and involving in black hat seo methods.
iv) Bloggers who only want to promote their site so they use links on every alternate line of their post.
v) Bloggers who don’t have a proper profile.
vi) Profile should speak of what other posting the blogger had done with which sites and the vii) quality of those sites should also be high at least reasonable.

6. Few things that tells you about sites valuation.

i) Domain Authority from Open Site Explorer, check it here
ii) Page Authority is also very important, check it here
Higher it better. You should choose higher ones only.
iii) Google Page Rank
iv) Alexa Page Rank
v) Woorank at
vi) Google Reader will tell how many people subscribe to a domain.

7. What other website’s to target.

i) Press release, article and magazines who have a steady regular reader base with high popularity gives you good scope to spread your skills instantly to many.
ii) Like non-blog news and content sites with guest authorship opportunities.
iii) Newspapers inviting others to write for them or you can even directly apply them for freelance writers posts.
iv) Traditional print publications are also good source. Here you will get good ditorial content and scope to post your guest content in the form of comments as comments are also seen by many with high value and crawled by crawlers as separate contents.

8. Ask your reader how you write and what they feel about your writing by asking

     for comments.

i) Comments are good way to increase site content.
ii) It can also help your site to be seen as a good authority site.
iii) Allowing comments with good and quality regular response will encourage to regularly interact on your site and keep visitors coming to your site.
iv) Comments are strings which can get listed in search engines and can come up while people search for specific solutions on a topic.
v) Comments shows how well your sites is being accepted by others.
vi) Good Comments can be taken as a factor to post in a site.
vii) And if you can post good comments in any site that will also give you back links and praise as a good writer and solution provider.
viii) Blog posting targets are quite well fulfilled by posting comments as well.

9. What you must not do?

i) When you write content for other sites you have chosen as top sites and they have also allowed you to write then understand that it’s a friendly mutual understanding.
ii) To keep this friendly understanding go ahead both must respect this.
iii) As you are posting your content on a superior site you must not forget that site reached this stage after lot of struggle and due to only genuine contet.
iv) Now if you start putting content that have a lot of anchor text links pointing to your content or your site or your customer’s site then you can be banned from posting any further content.
v) This is because you will be counted as a spammer then onwards.

10. Importance of Embedding Content.

i) Embeddable content is very important like images, graphics or videos or interactive tools, interactive content that you’re referencing back on your site.
ii) This also reduces pressure on your hosting part.
iii) Embeddable contents are generally youtube vedio, slideshare presentations, pictures and downloads which people like to have.
iv) So if you are providing content with additional items that further benefit readers then obviously your content will be seen more and referred more.
v) Whether you put such contents in your site or use them while posting your content on others site.

11. Article series and its benefits

i) Always start a topic and write series of articles related to it.
ii) It gives your readers more scope to read and get more and better solutions.
iii) Suppose you are writing something on latest nokia devices and you add 5 phones details in 5 separate articles all connected then they help more than a single article.
iv) So think of helping and solving real problems you will get people interested on your work.

12. Guest Posting Sites For You.

13. Best Blog Directories to submit your blog

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