Google’s Augment reality project see the world in google’s way

By | 5 April, 2012

Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s dream of a hands-free, mobile Google, where search was a seamless process as you moved around the world is nearing reality.

In other words, Google’s not only monitoring every human being on earth giving customised search now it is even going beyond with technology to give new dimensions to our vision

Its called ProjectGlass, an augmented reality system which would give users wear some sort of geeky prosthetic (one of those pictured is reminiscent of the visor that Geordi La Forge wore on “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” with all the features of best smart phone.

On top of your field of vision, you get icons, alerts, directional arrows, and other visual cues that inform, warn, or beg response.

And all of a sudden, the world becomes dickish — as in Philip K.

Glass is the 2nd big project out of Google (x), the company’s Mountain View skunkworks devoted to long-term projects. Since Larry Page reassumed the role of CEO (exactly one year ago today), his fellow co-founder Sergey Brin has focused on Google (x) and Glass is apparently the project Brin promised news of almost a year ago at Google’s I/O conclave. Work on Glass is going on now for years, with key input from Babak Amir Parviz, a Google (x) employee who is still listed as the McMorrow Innovation Associate Professor at the University of Washington.

Before coming to Google he co-authored a paper entitled, “Self-assembled crystalline semiconductor optoelectronics on glass and plastic.” All of this indicates that Google has made some advances in science behind projecting computer visuals that hang in your field of vision.

The second author on the Google+ post is Steve Lee, known previously as a Google location manager.

The third is Sebastian Thrun, he of the autonomous driving vehicles, open online education and a leader at Google[x].

With Google Glass you can create instant contact with friends, monitor feeds about weather and other info, get information about a subway station out of service, receive turn by turn directions on the way to a destination, snap a picture by command, even find your way to a place all without any computer or phone just a device placed as a spec on your face or may even be a contact lens. Testing is on and google hope to release it soon.

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