Google Webmaster Updates Search Queries to Search Analytics

By | 7 May, 2015

Latest Google Webmaster Updates search queries to search analytics

Speaking on Google webmaster tool we can first think of search queries. A data it generates and helps website owners worldwide keep track of its keyword wise searches and visibility.  Since the beginning of webmaster tool it has been upgraded many times including many new features to help understand in detail about a website’s traffic flow. With that inclusion feature with which we can input data so google can understand us better as well. Now it is changing towards further enhanced analytical output of search data that will help us understand the site better. It will also minimize on the time we consume to study the analytics from its different part Called Google Analytics. Here is the Google Article on it. To open the new version of Google Search Analytics Click Here.

What we are getting in the new addition to the Google Webmaster tools and how is it better from the older version will be discussed below with pictorial description and point by point discussion. If you still have further problem in understanding the new version you can drop a mail at we will try to clear your doubts. Our digital marketing course in Kolkata is highly equipped to deal in all these latest changes. For a training or consultation call us now at +91-9836375842. You can check our training module here.

Old One was “Search Queries” It used to provide us data on follow areas :

  1. Search Query ( Keyword )
  2. Search Impression
  3. Clicks
  4. CTR (Click Through Rate)
  5. Average Position in the Google Search Engine.
search queries old version

Search Queries Old Version

We could get the data without change or with change. The change defines comparative view of above data from a specified period in the past. To help us Google Webmaster provides us a Filter Option. With this feature we can filter the same data on the basis of

Search Query data with the changes

Search Query Data With the Changes

  1. Keywords
  2. Device we are opening the website
  3. Image
  4. Mobile
  5. Video
  6. Web
  7. Location
  8. Traffic.
Google Search Query Filter option

Google Search Query Filter Option

seach specific keyword in detail search query result

Search Specific Keyword in Detail Search Query Result

Filtered keyword in search query

Filtered Keyword in Search Query

different search customization in search query

Different Search Customization in Search Query

location based search in search query

Location Based Search in Search Query


Now with the upgradation of “search query” to “search analytics ” it has  become possible to view the same data in a new and more interactive manner. Additional value I could see is availability of data on following independent features :

search query changes to search analytics

search query changes to search analytics

  1. Search Queries
  2. Website’s Pages
  3. Country
  4. Devices
  5. Search Type
  6. Date
Search analytics keyword based query

Search analytics keyword based query

Every feature is backed strongly by a graphical representation of same data like we see in the Google Analytics. It will help you easily figure out what exactly is happening with the website. How is it working in different country or different targeted customers. CTR on different aspects will help you figure out the best investment plan for your website. You may decide to put adds only on desktop or laptops or mobile devices. It will be the future requirement. As keywords and their uses are getting divided based on the devices. We need to keep a detail track of the places where we are getting the leads. This new view will definitely give you what you need. It is currently in beta but hopefully it will provide strong input of information to website managers when it get released officially.



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