Google want 101 new .domains

By | 23 June, 2012

Google Applying for 101 generic top-level domains, or gTLDs will be used in 3 categories :


Google’s Private Use Only :

.gbiz .drive .team .play .tube .youtube .cloud .google .goog .gmail .guge .gle .gle .dev .plus .dclk .search .goo .talk .hangot .prod .site .page .chrome .nexus .moto .and

Open for others registration :

.eat .book .shop .buy .store .home .game .vip .dog .baby .show .love .diy .pet .fun .family .mov .zip .tech .day .mom .soy .spot .dot .earth .here .wow .meme .live .foo .web .boo .est .lol .dad .you .how .new .are .rsvp .fyi .ing .free .ads

Restricted access, open for few :

.inc .llc .music .car .tour .cpa .adds .med .docs .corp .mail .llp .srl .gmbh .phd .prof .mba .film .movie .fly .map .app .channel .esq .kid .cal .blog .android

Already there is a huge scarcity of good names availability. Like IP scarcity its also hitting domain segment as well. So google decided to protect their own and others interest who are related to the web world by any way they decided to spend $18.7 million in application fees only. A stunning amount to get hold of gTLDs. It defines clearly how important it has become to protect your entity and take steps for branding of your entity.

Without proper branding strategy companies are going to face tougher days ahead and problems will only increase if they dont take steps in time.
Here are few other tech firms that applied for generic top-level domains, or gTLDs and they are :

Amazon’s applied gTLDs

Amazon – Applying for 76 domains next to google read here. It looks toward complete control of these gTLDs and any names registered under it.

Amazon – .movie .video .shop .mobile .joy .like .buy .silk .drive .amazon .music .store .kindle .play .dev .moi .news .group .fast .box .got .kids .free .call .mail .now .circle .jot .imdb .tushu .book. .fire .cloud .bot .coupon .pay .aws .app .audible .hot .author .wow .map .game .zero .safe .wanggou .yamaxun .save .secure .search .show .read .smile .pin .tunes .yun .zappos .song .room .spot .talk .prime and two chienese names as well

“Amazon has such a vast web of so many customers, that even if they’re keeping it closed, they could certainly create a community that’s pretty impressive,”
“Brands can create communities of interest that didn’t exist.” says Alex Berry, a vice president at Neustar,

Apple – .apple

Yahoo – .flickr

Windows – .windows .xbox .azure .bing

Bharti Airtel Group – .airtel .bharti

Airbus S.A.S. – .airbus

Alibaba Group Holding Limited – .alibaba

Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. – .baby

dot Bingo Limited – .bingo

Cisco Technology, Inc. – .cisco
You can see here the application status for gtlds in icann’s website

I have tried to jot down few of them and while scanning the list i could Bharti group as only group applying for gtlds and .bingo another very happening name applyed to be a gtld.

But each gtld is being applied by many others so Now come months of legal wrangling, negotiations, and ICANN-sponsored auctions. And i believe top players can survive it and others wont be able to fight for top level gtlds other than big players.

Interestingly Google formed a separate company all together which will operate and maintain the gTLDs that Google win called Charleston Road Registry.

Google is already a ICANN certified registrar, which gives it the power to sell domain names but it never did it although they have the right long back. They refer their clients to their partner firms Go Daddy and eNom. Like they bought new changes in domain verification that you can check here

But this can change as well Google could also start selling domians.Even at .free the registration is already on for free domain names. Google can even start distributing domain name for free with google apps it might very easily defeat others as it could give special access to google apps or it could even force others to their domain names to get google apps access other than existing top gTLDs like .com .in .us etc… So any thing is possible

Importance of gTLDs related to branding

But its a fact that not all new gtlds will have wide appeal. So the fight will be for few heavy ones like .shop .you and if amazon gets .you it will go away from everyones access for ever as they plan to keep it only for them and their subsidieries use.

It has become very important and urgent for companies to think of branding as somebody tomorrow gets a gtld of their brand which run on .com they might be forced to accept it and loose business or pay to that person who now hold a gtld for a brand which is being promoted and made famous after years of hard labour and effort. Now at the end someone will eat the fruit without even bothering to do either.

One Indina company Bharti seemed to me understanding the imprtance of gTLDs for a successful brand name.


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