Google Ranking Factors of 2016

By | 10 December, 2015

Google Ranking Factors of 2016: These matters ought to be detected

In the current age of digital and web marketing we see 60 trillion pages running on web and a single company called Google manages to crawl so many pages. It seems to be impossible few years ago. With the changing technology and advent of new dynamic mechanisms we see the web growing like a monster. Google has become like a gadget of a sci-fi movie with which one can monitor every individual on earth. At least they are trying to do the same. In this scenario the web optimization termed as SEO and digital marketing has become very important to increase and maintain flow in the business.

People check your brand and product with reviews first in the net and the decide on buying  it. So, in this high competition arena for new websites, it’s usually not easy to attain an excellent ranking in the Google top ten search results. The problem is that the most useful site or the best product is worth nothing if your website doesn’t rank on Google’s page 1. You’ve to be on the page 1 of Google if you want to make money. And if you are  really serious about making a good profit, your site should rank in one of the very first four results in a search term.

The positioning in Google is dependent on many factors. Many beginners hence find it almost impossible to maintain the track. If you follow specific rules but enhancing your ranks is not difficult. And so, I am going to give you a couple of helpful hints that you will need in case you need to get to the Google top ten:

Position Variables for Google :

1) Keyword and Ranking :
While judging the position in different search engines we can judge our ranking by effecting placement in quality keywords only. Getting rank in keywords that don’t have enough competitors fighting for will not give us our desired SEO benefit. So, selecting proper keywords from Google Keywords Tool or any other tool is the primary and critical work.
For this you can analyze your competitors and customers feedback or industry standard terms to get the best keywords for you. Then start the SEO or a Digital Marketing Process to give your website the desired rank in a phase of time. But we have to remember that achieving search position is one thing and  holding the same is another thing. As we achieve a good search position we tend to forget that staying in that area is important. So, before losing the 1st-page placement, we can continue the good work done to stay on top.

2) Keyword Effectiveness for PPC :
Keyword effectiveness can be judged by the KEI (keyword Effectiveness Index) other than that you may also follow the competitiveness. Highlighted by High, Medium and Low in Google Keyword Tools.

3) Social Media Standing in accordance to Search Position :
Social media optimization is also an important factor that helps search engines to understand your quality and dependability. If you have a good social media coverage, “hashtag optimization” with image and video coverage search engines would love to bring you on top of others and keep you there.

4) Backlink Quality and Efficiency :
As already discussed quality and efficiency of backlinks decide on how much work we need to do for our SEO and what should be our digital marketing process.

Particularly for new websites, it’s often troublesome to accomplish a superior position in the Google top ten search results. The trouble is the fact that the greatest site or even the very best product is worth nothing, if your site does not rank on Google page 1. You have to get the 1st-page ranking if you want to earn money. And even take one of the best four positions as i have mentioned earlier.


The standing in Google is dependent on many factors. As an example:
A) The PageRank of the website,
B) The domain age,
C) The keyword density in the content,
D) The frequency of the competition targeted keywords,
E) Some links (with the strength of the links) and even the legibility of the source text the search engines play a heavy duty of monitoring them. Many rookies hence find it almost impossible to keep track.

So, I am going to offer you some helpful tricks that you will need if you would like to get to the Google top ten. Especially for new websites, it is not easy to achieve an excellent ranking in the Google top ten search results. The issue is that that your beautiful merchandise or that well designed website is worth nothing if it does not rank on Google.

Standing Variables for Google:

Use WordPress for A Site

Google loves WordPress as it creates a search engine friendly code. Therefore, I would suggest you to use this platform to easily provide your website’s content to Google and other search engines. WordPress is, also, not awkward to use. It doesn’t require any programming skills. Soon I’ll be providing some tutorial videos on this subject.

Unique Content

You should always create unique content (no copy and paste from elsewhere) for your website. Never use duplicate or paraphrased content. Plagiarism is strictly renounced by Google. You may well be penalized by google if you plagiarize.

Number of Words in the body text

Your posts should contain at least 500 words (Preferably around 1000 words) with a right amount of keyword density. Remember, you should always maintain a good text to HTML ratio in your posts to rank better.

The Structure of Permalink

The Permalink (the URL link to a post of a website) should be optimized and should contain keywords about the post.

Example:  A page about cat food should have a URL like “”

As Cat food is the targeted keyword for the corresponding subpage.

Optimize Your Content for the Search Engines

Have you found the ideal keyword? The keyword that is selected should appear between 1-2% in the content and also incorporated into the title of the post, as a way to boost the position. Notably in H1!  I will be explaining it in details in a separate post.

Multimedia: Use Pictures

Using properly optimized pictures in your posts will inevitably boost your rankings. Just use images related to your target keywords, with the proper file name, ALT Text and Anchor Text.

And of course, Backlinks (Off-Page Ranking Variables)

Without backlinks you won’t be attaining much; particularly in a highly competitive market. But I’ll also be showing you techniques with which you can also achieve rankings without backlinks.


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