Google Chrome 23 released

By | 9 December, 2012


Google Chrome 23 launched with lightweight and fast browsing alternative. Today it has certainly converted into a cutting-edge browser with features like synchronization, autofill, and standards compliance that keep Google’s better in building among the quickest browsers available. With its own App Store it’s just the thing needed in today’s time.

Chrome 23 is a huge milestone for Google and Chrome team as they started their fight when the market was alredy rulled by the likes of Firefox, EI, Safari, Opera, but updates are not that dramatic, but they are a needed feature to keep the browser stable and stand out of all other browsers. That is the reason Google is just pushing all its new features in beta versions to its users.


Download Chrome here, Now just run it and associate your gmail id with it or run the browser as anonymous. Separate data between anonymous browsing and non anonymous browsing and toggle these in the Preferences menu present in Configurations, Advanced Configurations, then Privacy Options. Based on your processor, cellular phone process it will load the pages. Also internet connection speed is a factor.


Google’s Chrome launched in September 2008. Since then 22 editions of it were released and now comes the 23rd edition. But its  Tabs continue to be on the top this is also called minimalist design and taken as Omnibox. With buttons for  Back, Forward, Stop/Reload you can add other buttons like alexa, few antivirus applications adds their buttons like that there are many options for buttons with addition of apps in chrome. Tabs leaves more room below for the site we are searching. With that it is holding around 22 tabs at a time makes it just the thing to keep shifting among tabs while writing or studying. Just Drag a tab and it is a fresh browser with only one TAB this will allow you to keep shifting.

Configuration Button look is changed to Android look of  three bars which open inside a new tab, with lots of additional possibilities under various “advanced configurations” links. The options were not radically changed but changed to some extent to help Google and Others. Page Zoom has become very easy with only Ctrl+ Plus/Ctrl + Minus sign. Other options like extension managerwere moved within Tools submenu.

Chrome’s extensions limited its not like Opera, which provides add-on makers lots of leeway in altering the browser’s look, Chrome extions only appears as symbols right from the location bar. Chrome dont provide you the Sidebar feature as well.

Despite its restrictions, the design is good, simple and with speed it allows you to work easily.

Features and support

Chrome 23 provides the following features in a efficient way :

1. tabbed browsing,

2. new window creation,

3. private browsing named Incognito it dont allow cookie monitoring, history recording, extension support, along with other browsing features.

4. Incognito for other browsers is “private mode”. But remember ISP can see what you are doing even if you are using private mode.

5. WebKit platform is used to develop Chrome which is used for Google’s Android mobile platform, Apple Safari and many other desktop and mobile Web-browsing tools. But this is always changing as Chrome works on JavaScript platform as well.

6. With interesting security enhancements it has faster three dimensional CSS with hardware integration which is unique.

7. Flash cookies are not need as it has inbuilt flash.

8. Better Web application development and Keyboard Shortcut support.

9. To further reduce page-load time loading of plugins have been customized as per users need. You can stop loading of plugins if you need.

10. With NaCl  a Native Client it enables C and C ++code to safely run within the browser. This protects you.

11. Any software runs inside protected sandboxes, it reduces browser-based risks significantly. After that NaCl enable Web applications to operate safely and easily with speed.

12. It allows you to disable JavaScript, blocks Internet sites that spread phishing attacks and adware and spyware risks or somehow unsafe. For this it uses Google’s Web of Trust extension to separate website’s with security program to bar risks.

13. Google roots although reduces its privacy but you can increase browser’s security and privacy configurations by intelligently managing JavaScript, plug-ins, pop-ups, location information.

14. Chrome PDF readers (that is deactivated automatically) is a nice option.

15. With adware and spyware checking on Webpages and downloads, and other tools for loading sites using Omnibox helps keep you safe.

16. Tabs are the reason why all started using Chrome and Google working to enhance its use as well.

17. Syncing of Tabs with browsing history is also possible.

18. In-page searching works easily using Control-F hot key.

19. Using Gmail Chrome can sync existing styles, preferences, autofill records, passwords, extensions, and bookmarks.

20. It supports many user accounts as well. Keeping the user data safe with different users.


With WebKit engine and Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, Google Chrome gave us  rocketing rendering speeds. This has not changed. While security also increased.

With hardware acceleration like video cards Chrome remains among the quickest browsers available. With its updated versions its quality is improving. We hope it will also increase personal security making it a challenge for other browsers. With enhancements to WebGL support and changes to Canvas2D it has updated its own structure as well.

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