Google Banned Domain Recovery

By | 2 December, 2014

I will check the real reason why your domain is banned and will rectify the following by disavowing all negative backlinks giving bad page juice to your site. 

We will do the following things:

I will download all backlinks using your google webmaster tools full access where domain is listed. Then check each url for its harmful impact and submit a disavow list back to google.

I will address high risk Iinks that are: 

a) Causing a penalty
b) Keeping keywords from ranking well
c) Putting a site at risk for future penalties

I will analyse other on site reasons why your website is banned and provide you a full report to you.

send your full access where domain is listed. If you need us to get all backlinks then you will have to pay a full majestic crawl report cost.

? IMPORTANT: $50 base price is REQUIRED for ALL orders. It covers complete backlink analysis and removal work involving 5 hours work. This is the lowest cost currently available for banned domain recovery work. *


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