Future computers

By | 25 September, 2012

Computing in 2020 how that would be? An example :

I. A Sony Computing Device of 2020:

1. Hand wearable OLED touchscreen device.
2. Holographic projector.
3. Extra Keyboard that can be hidden inside the device with complete flexibility to be worn in hand.
4. Like a Computer compatible with social networking and other internet related functions.

Expected Launch 2020.

II. Now we will see a Computing thought that has always been the dream of computer designers lesser beams providing computing experience without any real physical device. The beams coming from few pens see the presentation. See it Here….

III. Computer with a stand like a fan with a stand samsung supposed to be building something like that. See it Here….

IV. Few more computers with vision of future from apple to lenovo to others will change how we use computers today. See it Here….

V. Now we come to another set of device supposedly called Holo which also beams computer and gives you opportunity to carry it with you just in your pocket or on wrist. See it Here….

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