Free responsive website templates, Dreamweaver and Photoshop alternatives

By | 23 July, 2015

Free Responsive Website Templates. Viable or Not?

With the growing need of low cost website designing and higher expenses in its marketing, designers are more and more forced to source from free website templates. I see nothing wrong in this aspect, if you can get a world class website design in free of cost why will you not take it? As according to Google there is no harm in using free templates as long as you are maintaining your website with proper, targeted quality content completely plagiarism free.

Websites has been a core focus for industry for past two decades. Now they are getting dependent on it with digital marketing being the main source of client lead. Without regular lead generation no organization can survive, so to maintain a healthy balance of both and keep cost under control we can easily choose from these free website designs which are also responsive in nature.

These are generally built on bootstrap with html and CSS being one of the easiest languages to learn and edit. There are many free html editors available for you to bring changes to these designs. Now you can say you are a website designer if you have simple knowledge of editing readily available free templates. Now let’s see where you can get Free Responsive Website Designs :

1. opendesigns

2. bluewebtemplates

3. templated

4. rockettheme

5. html5up

6. styleshout

7. free-css

8. w3layouts

9. freshdesignweb

10. designscrazed

11. billionthemes

What softwares you can use to edit them : We can also say them DreamWeaver Alternative.


1. Quanta Plus
2. Aptana
3. OpenBEXI
4. Bluefish
5. Microsoft Expression Web
6. Amaya
7. KompoZer
8. BlueGriffon
9. pagebreeze
11. Google Web Development Kit

For image editing we can use the following free softwares which we can also say as Photoshop Alternatives.

1. Gimp
3. Pixia
4. Seashore
5. Inkscape
6. Xara Xtreme
7. ChocoFlop
8. Photoplus
9. CinePaint
10. Krita

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