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By | 8 December, 2012

Google Applications Alternative for Self employed

Google applications appears to be the greatest cloud services that provides paperwork, email, statistics, calendar, tasks along with other google services for business and people. It’s not so simple to find alternative for google applications thinking about the kind of applications and single sign-on feature they offer to customers.

So, What i have done here is just tried to list few different applications from other companies which provide you similar services like Google Apps for small businesses free of cost.

It is imperative to have a free basic business mailing service for proper growth and open economy of online business. As Online business competition is increasing every day due to people with lots of cash, who just junk search engines with their data making it very tough for small businesses to come up in search results.

And now if they lose the way of representing them via email as well, it will be very tough for them to survive in long run.

But Extensive Ideas will always stand beside small businesses as we started our campaign and still run it a website in 499 and 1500. Although time has reduced features from this campaign. Still we provide Free Domain and Free SEO with any web plan taken from us.

Windows Live Free Email Accounts for Small Business

As you know, Google provides a free and compensated service known as Google Applications that enables you to employ their applications (Mail, Calendar, Paperwork, and much more) with your personal domain. This is ideal for a small company or organization that wishes to have the ability to collaborate utilizing their own domain. What many might not know is the fact that Microsoft’s Home windows Live division provides a similar service too known as Home windows Live Custom Domain names.


When I noted in the earlier article, I’m keen on Opera … and Mozilla’s open-source Thunderbird is appropriate behind it when it comes to effectiveness, functionality, speed and extensibility. Thunderbird, while not a web-based application, is a superb option to Gmail. Should you add Mozilla’s Lightning or Sunbird, you are able to replace Gcal too.

30 Boxes

Even though the quick and easy Gcal meets me perfectly, 30 boxes is equally as easily, and it is popular with many. If Gcal didn’t integrate with Gmail, I’d most likely be utilising 30 Boxes.


Although I really like the rate of Google Readers, Netvibes cannot only hold all your feeds within an organized way, it may replace both Readers and Google Personalized Home page. A terrific way to organize all of your favorite services inside a personalized way, Netvibes was my home page of preference until I came across Readers.

Zoho Office Suite

Possibly the very best online option to google’s Paperwork & Excel spreadsheets, Zoho has nearly everything you’d ever need: a spreadsheet, word processor, presentation program, project manager, notebook, wiki, web conferencing, mail, chat, database and CRM. This may really be my choice for the future.


This new offering takes my online OS model almost literally – it provides a desktop atmosphere from inside your browser. This particular service consists of office applications, accessible anywhere online, together with a word processor, spreadsheet and much more. I haven’t really with all this a spin yet, however i plan to. It’s limited in the current beta release, however it has potential and intends to expand later on. Replaces Google Paperwork and Excel spreadsheets


If Netvibes or Google Readers isn’t for you personally, Bloglines is yet another popular and ideal choice.

Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Another online office suite, Zimbra began by helping cover their email/calendar functionality and it has since released spreadsheet and word processing applications. I haven’t attempted this, but often hear excellent reasons for it, and that i love that it is open-source by having an API that may have numerous uses. Another option to Google Paperwork and Excel spreadsheets

ThinkFree Online

Charged because the “best online office on the planet,” ThinkFree aims to ween people from Microsoft ‘office’ to is web office suite. It’s spreadsheet, word processing and presentation applications, online storage, document discussing and much more. Regrettably, only a few of this functionality is free of charge, but it’s still a fascinating suite. Replaces Google Paperwork and Excel spreadsheets.

I’d be remiss basically didn’t mention everybody’s favorite open-source office suite, OpenOffice. It isn’t a web-based application, however it offers everything Microsoft ‘office’ can provide you with, however for free, and without all of the bloat. This really is certainly worth a go, particularly if you aren’t only looking to get free of Google but Microsoft too. Replaces Google Paperwork and Excel spreadsheets.


An apparent choice like a alternative for Google’s Picasa web photo service, Yahoo’s Flickr is really a lot more popular. My free Flickr account wasn’t adequate for me personally, but it’s an excellent service popular with many.

Hyper Office

Hyper office only has compensated intentions of their cloud. You need to do get couple of times of trial service before they request you to definitely upgrade. The majority of the services that zoho and google applications offer are covered under hyper office.

Feng Office

Feng office offers installed and located office programs for medium and small size business. They are doing have affordable internet based office applications plan. Compared to zoho and hyper their features aren’t mature and lacks clearness in interface. However for limited customers their service appears to become affordable in comparison with other office based cloud services.

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