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By | 6 June, 2012

Smileys changed the way we express

Smileys have played a big role in communication world. These days maximum amount of business of family talks or friendly or romantic talks happen online through chats. People use net from computer and from mobile as well. and using smileys not only reduces the amount of words that are used during conversation but also it increases the fun of the communication.

A jumping, Smiling, Crying, Laughing smiley can complete change the mood of the talk altogether. So Smileys are playing in exchanging thoughts as well. Smileys are not only used during online communication even sms also support and with the invent of new and advance mobile phone all the smileys get visibility. So knowing what smiley to get with what  code has become very important these days.



Possible Facebook Devices

Now coming to the Facebook, As billions hook on to facebook it is slowly becoming a separate medium for communication. We can even thing of having facebook gadgets with facebook talk and facebook chat and facebook vedio transfer leading to facebook phone or mobile devices completing changing the way we use mobile phones these days. This has already started with facebook tying up with different networking and mobile phone vendors to provide free facebook facility for one year, three months etc..

So this increase the importance of using smileys more. Now coming to the main topic facebook smileys i will give you few codes that you can use in your day to day facebook communication uses and other mobile communication uses as well.


Smiley Name Shortcut

smile-:-):):] =)

 frown-:-(:( :[ =(

gasp-:-O :O:-o:o




curly lips-:3


grumpy>:( >:-(




confused o.O O.o shark (^^^)

pacman :v

squint -_-

angel O:) O:-)

 devil 3:) 3:-)

unsure :/ :-/ :\ :-\

 cry :'(

Chris Putnam :putnam:


heart <3

 kiki ^_^

42 :42:

penguin <(“)

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