Facebook Security and scams

By | 23 June, 2012

Facebook Security and scams

In this way people can be taken out of facebook.com domain to any other website and potentially harmfull viruses and trozans can be installed in your pc to damage or may be not damage but silently steal your informations. So to stay safe in a huge society where you stay physically as take steps of locking your doors before going to sleep or other normal measures that you take to safeguard yourself and your family from regular social threats, here in facebook as well you need to take steps to safeguard your account and your connections. A wrong message from your account not only can harm you but also others.

So how it all works? See this video by one of facebook security expert

Now keeping your account safe is also your responsibility

For example your friend shares a video on his wall with an attractive girl or any other attractive thing in it, you gets lured and clicks on it and you are redirected to another scam website from where you are getting a JavaScript code in any way that’s getting copied in the browser’s address bar and as it happens rogue posts automatically publishes itself to the walls of all your facebook friends. Google Chrome and Safari are highly susceptible for this type of cross-site scripting(XSS) according to facebook security expert Mr.Matt.The reason could be video embeding allowed from trusted sites where something is done even without the knowledge of that site’s admin.

One more thing these days happening very randomly and that is fake account threat. Number of fake accounts in facebook is increasing day by day. And if facebook dont take proper steps to reduce on it or create features or take steps to cut down on number of fake accounts it might also go to the steps of orkut which now almost lost its glory as it also was something like facebook one day. Although the fall of orkut can’t altogether be blamed on fake accounts only there are many other reasons behind it which i will discuss in another blog. So the main thing is add only those people in your facebook account whom you know by some way or other or can be identified by some way or other. Dont follow fake luring accounts. Never add accounts posting nude pictures. Be carefull before going after girls in social networking sites as here the other person sitting on the other end of you dont need to be of the sex that you are looking for. So always be carefull of it.

Follow regular facebook updates which you can get at Facebook Blog. I did a search with security tips and got this link you too can do it. Follow facebook. Facebook also release these security tips and tips in other sites and other top bloggers as well keep informing about these so keep reading through google as well.

I will try to provide you few classified top 10 security tips in my next article. Thank you for reading it and till then keep reading Extensive Ideas

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