Facebook not working on Google Chrome?

By | 12 December, 2012

Facebook will not focus on Google Chrome however it creates Mozilla? I have attempted restarting Chrome, & restarting my computer, however it will not work? use “personalize and control google chrome” and choose options . See the Top Blue Bar is not coming. See search bar is not present and how it is coming under the profile name it is in a unusable condition. As top bar is not coming many options have gone like posting information’s taking away half of its power. After working for some time facebook dont respond properly in Google Chrome.

Now a box showing google chrome option can look.choose “underneath the hood”. below this tab there’s a choice for clearing browsing data. obvious it might take couple of seconds. restart the browser.

If you are using CHROME , enter in the browser chrome://plug ins. You will notice the Plug ins menu. You should check the little boxes to permit Adobe Expensive, Java, or any plug ins you want to operate. Then refresh facebook again. I’ve experienced exactly the same problem this mid-day. Make certain you’ve latest updates too! God Bless !!

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