Dark sides of facebook as revealed by a facebook employee

By | 1 July, 2012

Dark sides of facebook as revealed by a facebook employee

Facebook bringing changes to its existing features and also its bringing new features every other day. The aim is to be someone who controls the world. A battle is also on between google and facebook.

Facebook is tying up with yahoo. Yahoo already tied up with Microsofts search engine bing which becomes yahoo search engines resource supplier. You cant even register any more for yahoo search engine. But if you register for bing it does the trick for yahoo as well. So facebook connects to Microsoft indirectly.

Microsoft faced with huge challenge from Android & Chrome and Apple is fighting to survive with windows 8 they hope and expect a lot. Like wise Google faced with huge challenge from facebook growing popularity and mark of 1 billion users its facing huge challange and has already started stopping showing general facebook updates in search results it generally shows facebook pages these days.

So, the matter of fact is that, A battle creating two or three poles and companies will tie up and fight together in future. Future is going to be tougher and far more challenging for everyone.

This even forced ISRO, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA. To partially sell its PSLV technology to increase production, this i will cover in a separate article.



Now lets talk of some of the most unknown secrets of facebook :

1. Facebook recently caught trying to force its 900 million users to accept its own email service.

2. Accusition are heard everywhere of’hijacking’ users’ contact details and deleting their personal email addresses without asking them first by facebook.

3. Facebook starting to unleash torrent of updates from thursday on all its profiles and activities between them. Now you chat, do profile updates do whatever facebook would be monitoring. Facebook is hoping it along with its other tied up companies can influence its users to buy their products.



4. “Dark Profiles” are secret accounts not visible publicly. This was created for those people who dont sign up in facebook. It was created with a vision that there are people whose pictures and activities get shared in facebook a lot but they dont have accounts in facebook. So to encourage them to join facebook this was created. These can also be termed as shadow pages created for peope who are tagged heavily. And staffs didn’t even have any idea about it.

5. “Judgebox” is a programme basically developed by facebook technicians is based on a programme of Mark Zuckerberg to compare and rate women in echoes of sexist “Facemash”.

6. Facebook Stalks with “Facebook Stalker” which allows it to track visitors to different profiles. In the begining stages of facebook its employees used to get the master password without security checks and allowed to do whatever they wanted.
Claims are coming from Losse who has worked for facebook from 2005 to 2010. She started working as a customer relations and become speechwriter for Mark Zuckerberg. She writes in 2006 dark versions of accounts were started for those who are were not joining facebook but they are everywhere as their pictures and works are shared by many others. She also writes that employees at that stage were very confident that everybody should have a facebook account.

What is the statement?

“It reminds me now of the way members of the Mormon church convert dead people, following the logic that if they had know about Mormonism when they were alive they would have been believers,” Losse wrote.


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Android changing the worldAndroid has bought many changes in user interaction with mobile devices and has given the mobile hardware manufacturers wings to work better hardware

Windows 8
Windows 8 certainly give Microsoft power to stand with Android and Apple the two BIG “A” Changing the world.

Facebook bringing changes
Facebook bringing powerful changes to benefit its tied companies to be able to connect to more customers. Facebook will now be following you more than your friends.

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